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Im not positive but it may be the air intake is so low to the ground that when it rains its sucking the water up into the intake and drowning the air filter and sucking water into the fuel system. Hope that helps!

when was last time it had a tune up? change plugs and wires.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-28 23:42:26
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Q: Why is a 1997 Chevrolet Venture stalling at idle and immediately after restart only from time to time in wet weather but after the engine warms up runs just fine?
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I am guessing cranck positioning sensor.

1994 ford ranger with 96000 miles Lately your truck has been stalling you will be driving along and it just dies I then try and restart and it will not seems flooded It will then restart. Any ideas?

It sounds like you have either a clogged fuel filter or most likely a faulty fuel pump.

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1996 Chevrolet cavalier shuts off while driving and have to put in natural or park to restart

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Chevrolet does not use inertia/reset swtiches

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hey there you might want to try your air intake fuse........not sure but i had my explorer sound like it was chugging and stalling and that is what it was.

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check the ignition coil

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