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blowed head gasket or cracked head

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Q: Why is a 1999 Chevy Cavalier still overheating after the water pump heater core and temp sensor have been changed and flushing the radiator?
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Why does coolant light come on for 1997 cavalier already changed water pump filled coolant?

If it's overheating, it cold be thermostat, radiator or possibly other problems. If it's not overheating it could be the coolant level sensor.

2002 cavalier overheating changed hoses and water pump?

check or replace thermostat

You have changed the radiator cap the thermostat the water pump is new and recently changed radiator the radiator stopped the frequenrt overheating but now very rarely it overheats and coolant boil?

Blown head gasket?

If a 1986 300Ci straight 6 is overheating And you already changed the Radiator what is next?

water pump. thermostat.

Why is your car still overheating I have changed my thermostat and flushed the radiator and the car is still overheating?

Either the water pump impeller is loose on it's shaft, or you have a leaking head gasket.

90 Plymouth Acclaim overheating changed thermostat already still overheating cant figure out why?

Remove the Radiator and have it serviced if they are able to. If not you will need to replace it, would be a good time to replace the Radiator hose's as well. Hope This Helps.

Why is your 1967 Dodge Dart 6 cyl 225 overheating Ive changed the thermostat and gasket the water pump and gasket changed the radiator hoses and it still overheats?

you probably need a new radiator and get the engine back flushed while your at it.

What are the reason your 93 Camry is overheating when a radiator has been changed?

Temp sensor not working, cooling fan not working, blown head gasket.

Why would the coolant light come on and the heater blow cold air in a 1985 Cadillac Deville 4.1 even after you tried replacing the thermostat and flushing the radiator?

Heater core (radiator) needs to be cleaned or changed

Why is your 1967 Dodge Dart 6-cylinder 225 overheating Ive changed the thermostat and gasket the water pump and gasket changed the radiator hoses and it still overheats?

more than likely you need a new radiator for it, when you install it back flush the engine.

Acura Legend is overheating?

The most common cause of overheating is a thermostat stuck in the closed position. However, other causes are: faulty water pump, clogged radiator, clogged hose(s), coolant leak or a broken drive belt. I had a 1987 legend with around 160K that was overheating. Antifreeze would boil out of the overflow. I changed my radiator and it fixed the problem.

1995 Aurora Oldsmobile keeps overheating and you have changed the thermostat and water pump?

If your 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora keeps overheating and the issue is not the thermostat or the water pump, it could be the cooling fan. It might also be the radiator (leaking) or the hoses between the engine and radiator, or the shroud could be clogged or damaged.

1998 Cavalier overheating replaced water pump radiator fan motor head gasket temperature switch and still motor get gets too hot what else should I check?

You didn't say anything about changing the thermostat....and when you changed the head gasket did you have the head checked for cracks....But first, be sure that the fan comes on and maybe back-flush the radiator. AND when you fill it with coolant be sure to get all the air out.

Why does your commodore overheat when you just changed your cooling fan?


Can the thermostat on my 1995 cutlass supreme be the reason my car is overheating without any engine or radiator leaks?

A thermostat that is stuck in the closed position is a very common cause of overheating. A new thermostat should be installed every time the coolant is changed.

You have changed the thermostat but your 1997 ford contour is still overheating What could the problem be?

Radiator plugged or restricted? Cooling system airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator cap defective? Radiator hoses collapsing under pressure? Defective gauge/cooling temperature sensor?

Would your engine overheat because of transmission?

No an overheating engine will be due to leaking coolant, a faulty radiator, a faulty water pump, lack of oil or oil that needs to be changed

2004 Dodge Ram Water pump changed twice thermostat changed 3 times new radiator cap It is still overheating Both input and output hoses are the same temperature Any ideas?

Check the grille on the front of the radiator and be sure that it is clean of all mud and debris otherwise the radiator is not able to pull air through to cool the water. You can clean that grille by removing the radiator from the truck and lightly pressure washing it.

You have changed water pump thermst bypassed heater core and your 95 Chevy caprice is still running hot why?

The radiator could be plugged or a couple of the internal coolant passages in the engine block could be plugged. Try back-flushing the radiator and the engine and see if that helps.

Im looking at buying a 98 jeep Cherokee sport that has overheating issues he said the radiatorwater pump and thermostat was changed but still hits 260what can be wrongis it worth buying?

Hi have you checked the radiator for blockage if it is blowing water back out the radiator this could be the problem.

Why is your car overheating when stopped and its not the fans they work and changed the thermostat too?

the fan can be installed backwards and moving the air through the radiator in the wrong direction.The radiator or cooling ports can be plugged if a stop leak has been used on the engine.the water pump might not be working.

Your golf 4 is overheating and you changed the thermostat could the water pump need replaced?

It is very common for the impeller of a VW to break apart. The result is engine overheating and no heat. Usually, the the radiator remains full unless severe overheating causes a boilover and consequent loss of coolant. Also expect that the engine becomes hot yet radiator and heater hoses remain cool. If this happens, replace the water pump. It is usually convenient to replace the timing belt at this time.

Water not circulating changed thermostat head gasket water pump and radiator what could be wrong car overheating?

You may have the thermostat in upside down, typically you want the pointed side facing UP.

1996 Mercury Sable--heater does not blow warm air. Coolant boils out from radiator cap after car has been used. Changed radiator cap 16 psi Engine temp stays in the normal range while driving.?

chances are that you have a blockage somewhere heater core radiator heater hose try flushing the system first then go from there

I Changed the thermostat and it's still overheating water not flowing?

if it's like my V8 Porsche 914, i had air pockets in the cooling system at the water pump. when air is at the water pump there is nothing to push water. Therefore overheating. Other things to check is water pump and radiator.

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