Ford Contour

Why is a 96 ford contour running hot only while driving no heat from heater no leaks what can the problem be?

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November 27, 2008 2:49AM

Sounds like your water pump is gone. Water pumps the water thru the heater which you said it is not getting hot and the engine is overheating because the water pump is NOT pumpin ghte water around thru the heater thru the engine and thru the radiator. It doesn't have to leak to tell you it is bad. The impellor on the back of the pump may be frozen, did you see if the pulley is frozen on the pump? Is your belt tight? All the answers are good, I will just add it could be your themostat. It sounds like there is a problem in the head or heads,it does not have to steam out the exhaust for a head to be cracked in the exhaust chamber around the guide or under the valve. Exhaust gases leak into the water jackets of engine therefore causeing air to get in the heater core and air locking it. hot exhaust gas heats the water up a lot hotter then normal engine running does.water can't flow now,so no heat. your not letting it idle long enough to get hot. and when driveing engine RPMs or higher and things are happen faster (more friction) heat opens cracks. therefore engine overheats.