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Why does the heater fan in your 1995 ford contour only work on low?


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Defective heater resistor pack.


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No, 1997 only fits 1997. Go to

No. The chipped ignition key did not start until the 1998 model year and was only on the 6 cylinder Contour and Mystique. (I've got a '97 6 cylinder Contour that seems to have a chip in the key.)

My 1994 did the same thing.....the problem was in the high/low switch....

Take it to a dealer. You can deploy the air bag if not done properly. However, Ford only built Contours from 1995 to 2000.

There is no radiator cap on a 1999 Ford Contour. The cap to the coolant overflow reservior is the only way to add something to the radiator.

The seat is only held down on the ends by small clips, just give it a good pull and it should come up.

how is it my heater control on my ford fiesta flight 1998 only works on no. 4

they only have them running to the rear doors

Heater is not working in a 2002 ford foucs only work when fan setting is place in?

Sell your Ford junk its not the only problem you will have.

There would only be a rear heater core if there was a rear heater, which I don't believe was an option.

The most common reason the heater is blows cold air on a 1999 Ford Winstar is a bad thermostat or blocked heater core.

The contour transmission is made for only the transmission fluid to be changed,it has a metal screen inside of the side pan which can only be got to by removal of the transmission its self,ford only recommends you change the fluid,check the service manual,and the Haynes manual is the best..

the contour has problems with the blower motor switch and the resistor. I would check the resistor connector for signs of melting.

Only if the coolant is leaking from the heater core, but you will see this.

The 1996 Ford Contour owners manual shows : Use only power steering fluid that meets Ford specification ESW - M2C33 - F or is an equivalent type F automatic transmission fluid with a Ford registration number ( an 8 digit number beginning with " 2P " printed on the fluid container )

Not exactly sure on the Windstar, but recently had the same question for a Contour: try pulling on the lightswitch. Note: the fog lights on the Contour can only be turned on when the headlights are on.

There are several things that could cause this. First I would check the radiator fan relay, then the fan switch, and the temperature sending unit, and finally the fan itself. Although there are other things that might cause this symptom, because the car is cooling when the heater is on points to a bad high/low relay where the fan is only coming on because the heater kicks the relay to hign and thus cools the car this could also happen with the AC being turned on. So I would start there. Hope this helps. Jason Stair

Does the radiator fan work? If not, have it checked or check it out yourself.

Well I only have experience on a 2.0 4 cyl what engine are we speaking of?

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