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The power supplied by a typical household outlet is the wrong type and voltage to be used by most consumer electronics directly, including laptops. The "brick" portion of the power cord is the converter that adapts the power to the correct type needed by the laptop. This component could be included inside the laptop instead of outside in the cable, but this would in turn make the laptop larger and less portable.

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Q: Why is a power block necessary for laptop power cords?
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What laptops are compatible with a dell laptop power cord?

Dell laptop power cords are generally only compatible with Dell laptops, as each brand of laptop has its own specifications for batteries and power cords.

Where can one purchase power cords for lap tops?

Laptop power cords can be ordered from the manufacturer. If the laptop is still under warranty, there should be no charge. There are also sites online that carry cords for multiple manufacturers.

Where can you buy dell laptop power cords?

Dell laptop power cords could be found for sale on various merchandising websites like eBay and Amazon, Dell also has an official online shop which also sells accessories.

What is injector rack?

An injector rack is a power block. The power block offers six or more ports for connecting Ethernet cords with a surge protector.

Where can I buy a laptop power cord for my HP Pavilion dv6?

I would look at Amazon and Nextag. Redtag also has laptop cords for sale.

Does a computer power cord plugged into the wall but not the computer use electricity?

No, if it is a desktop power cord - which is no more than a few wires (no internal components). Yes, if you're talking about a laptop - most laptop power cords have a LED built in that will take power, beyond the necessary "no load" power used by the step down transformer and DC rectifying circuit.

Where can one purchase a laptop power cord?

Laptop power cords are most simply purchased by applying to the original company that made the laptop. Failing that one could purchase them from electrical stores like PC World or online from Amazon.

Can you splice a extension power cord to repair a cut laptop power cord?

You can splice a cut laptop power cord, but it is not recommended. Buying a new cord is the best and safest solution to the problem. Improperly spliced power cords can be a fire hazard.

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Where can one buy a Toshiba laptop power cord?

There are many places a person might purchase a Toshiba laptop power cord. For instance, a person may purchase this item directly from Toshiba. Additionally, power cords for Toshiba may be found on eBay and Amazon.

What is the power rating of a laptop?

Every laptop has a different power rating.

What is the wattage of a laptop?

It depends on the laptop, and on the power status of the laptop.

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