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The power supplied by a typical household outlet is the wrong type and voltage to be used by most consumer electronics directly, including laptops. The "brick" portion of the power cord is the converter that adapts the power to the correct type needed by the laptop. This component could be included inside the laptop instead of outside in the cable, but this would in turn make the laptop larger and less portable.

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What laptops are compatible with a dell laptop power cord?

Dell laptop power cords are generally only compatible with Dell laptops, as each brand of laptop has its own specifications for batteries and power cords.

Where can you buy dell laptop power cords?

Dell laptop power cords could be found for sale on various merchandising websites like eBay and Amazon, Dell also has an official online shop which also sells accessories.

What is injector rack?

An injector rack is a power block. The power block offers six or more ports for connecting Ethernet cords with a surge protector.

Does a computer power cord plugged into the wall but not the computer use electricity?

No, if it is a desktop power cord - which is no more than a few wires (no internal components). Yes, if you're talking about a laptop - most laptop power cords have a LED built in that will take power, beyond the necessary "no load" power used by the step down transformer and DC rectifying circuit.

Where can I buy a laptop power cord for my HP Pavilion dv6?

I would look at Amazon and Nextag. Redtag also has laptop cords for sale.

Where can you buy Toshiba laptop power cords?

One can purchase Toshiba laptop power cords from the following retailers: Amazon, best Buy, Toshiba Direct, eBay, Staples, Currys, Dino Direct, SHopping Express, CNET Technology. Prices start from $55.

Where can one purchase a laptop power cord?

Laptop power cords are most simply purchased by applying to the original company that made the laptop. Failing that one could purchase them from electrical stores like PC World or online from Amazon.

Can you splice a extension power cord to repair a cut laptop power cord?

You can splice a cut laptop power cord, but it is not recommended. Buying a new cord is the best and safest solution to the problem. Improperly spliced power cords can be a fire hazard.

Where can one buy a Toshiba laptop power cord?

There are many places a person might purchase a Toshiba laptop power cord. For instance, a person may purchase this item directly from Toshiba. Additionally, power cords for Toshiba may be found on eBay and Amazon.

What songs have riffs?

Some with guitar Power cords Some with guitar Power cords

If there are not enough power cords from a power supply what can you purchase that can add an additional power cord?

It depends on what cords your need. Certain power cords can be split with a female/ 2 male adapter that you could find at or, wherever you shop. You can split molex and sata power cords for sure, i know that, but for anything else, just give a look for PSU splitters in one of those shops.

Where can you buy power cords?

"Depending on the application, power cords can be purchased from a number of different sources. WalMart, Office Max, and Best Buy are a few businesses that offer a variety of power cords. There are also sources online that you can buy direct from as well."

What type of power steering cords do you use on a 1988 Chevy Caprice Classic?

I am not sure what you mean by cords? Do you mean power steering hoses? VBD

What is the function of a power cords on a computer?

To power your computer without a battery

What is the power rating of a laptop?

Every laptop has a different power rating.

Where in Houston can one buy computer power cords?

Power cords for a specific brand of computer could be bought from an electronics store. Staple, Future Shop, and The Source are all great stores to shop at for this. Universal computer power cords can also be bought at Walmart.

What is the wattage of a laptop?

It depends on the laptop, and on the power status of the laptop.

What has more cords PS2 or PS3?

PS2: AV cable power cable controller PS3: AV cable Power cable PS2 Has more cords

How much does a laptop power supply cable cost?

The price of a laptop power supply cable can vary depending on the brand and year. Some Dell power units start in the $15.00 to $20.00 range where others for Acer and Toshiba can be slightly more expensive in the $30.00 to $40.00 range. Cable Wholesale and Cables To Go have the best prices on new and refurbished cords.

How do you get an electric motor to go faster?

hook up two extension cords, the more cords, the more power.

Can you use an inspiron 6000 power chord on a latitude 620 Dell computer?

All Desktop Computer Power cords are the same...they all have 2 prongs plugging into the wall and on the side that plugs into the computer, is a plastic looking block with 3 holes in it. So, to answer your question, you can use desktop computer power cords universally. as long as it fits, it will work. Laptops are a very different story.

Where could a person get a power cord for a HP brand laptop?

HP laptop power cords are available online from sites like Amazon, Spare Parts Warehouse, and eBay. For retail stores, companies like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart may be the best options, though inventories in specific stores can obviously vary.

How do you set up a computer?

How you set up a computer varies depending on the type of computer. A laptop does not require the same steps as a desk top. You use the monitor cable to connect the monitor to the computer case, or tower. Plug in the cords for the keyboard and mouse. Plug the power supply cords into a surge protector.

How much power should you look for in a laptop?

The power you need depends on what you want to do with the laptop

What was the first indication that the power was disconnected from your drive?

Cables unpluged or power cords unpluged