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Why is a yellow flame called a dirty flame?


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Because the bottom part of the flame is normally blue, and as it rises throughout the flame it changes its color to yellow. They call this the dirty flame because the original color is blue, and has become 'dirty' and changed to yellow.

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it is called a clean flame as it produces no soot and carbon minoxcide unlike the yellow/dirty flame.

Tends to deposit black unburned carbon residues derived from the gas etc.

A yellow flame is named as a safety flame as it isn't as hot as the blue flame

The blue flame is called a roaring flame and the yellow flame is called the safety flame.

The function of the Bunsen burner air hole is to adjust the flame from a luminious flame to a non-luminious flame.So that you can choose if you want a dirty flame {yellow} or hot flame {{blue}}. The yellow flame is generally called dirty because of the amount of carbon it produces and it causes soot when it is heating something.For more information about busen burner,You can add Ruoyu Wang at facebook.He is a expert of this.

The yellow flame is called the safety flame because you can see it very well, whereas the blue flame emits very little light so it is not very easy to see. Therefore the yellow flame is called the safety flame because it emits the most light.

A blue flame is call "clean" because it does not contain soot as a yellow flame does.

Because it is cooler and more visible than a blue flame, making it safer.

It indicates that the air hole is closed. The yellow flame is also called the luminous flame and the safety flame. It is luminous due to small soot particles in the flame which are heated to incandescence. The yellow flame is considered "dirty" because it leaves a layer of carbon on whatever it is heating.It is considered safe as it is more visible than the near invisible and hot non-luminous flame (it can be obtained by half opening the air hole) as people would not mistake it as switched off and touch it. It is usually not used for heating as it's not as hot as the non-luminous flame(also called the blue flame). The blue flame is hotter as it produces more heat energy than light energy, comparing it to the yellow flame, which produces more light energy than heat energy.

A blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame because a blue flame has more oxygen, so it has more energy to create extra heat. Therefore, a blue flame is more dangerous and a yellow flame is used in laboratories. The hottest part of the blue flame is right under the middle, this part is called the crown !!

The Blue Flame Will Be Noisier. The Yellow Flame Is Called A Safety Flame Because Everyone can See it. There Are Two Blue Flames: Medium Roaring The Roaring Flame Has A Blue Cone In The Middle Of The Flame And It Is The Hottest. It Also Has More Oxygen. But Overall, The Blue Flames Will Be Noisier Than The Yellow Flame.

because you can see it. the blue heating flame is almost invisible and you may burn yourself.

Blue Flame=Can't see (hotter then yellow flame) Yellow Flame (safety flame)=visible

yellow flames are created when the fuel turns into vapour and burns . if the fuel is a clean fuel then if we heat it it produces only heat not a light producing flame(blue flame).If the fuel burns with a yellow flame it means it is not burnt completely and releases unburnt carbon (clean fuel produce CO2.

If referring to a Bunsen burner, a safety flame can still burn you. It is called a "safety flame" as the yellow flame is more visible than the blue flame

No, a yellow flame is colder than a blue flame.

You reduce the supply of fuel. A "yellow" flame is a lot cooler than a "blue" flame. As it pertains to Chemistry, the dominant color for a nonluminous flame (yellow) is blue.

A blue flame is louder than a yellow flame because there is more oxygen (air) flow present than with a yellow flame. The yellow flame indicates a lack of oxygen and incomplete combustion of the methane gas.

Yellow flame can be seen easily and it doens't produce much heat.

The yellow flame? i do not know but the blue flame is 2732 degrees Fahrenheit

A yellow flame is the least hottest of all. A blue flame is the hottest. Therefore, it is safest to have a yellow flame, as it is not extremely hot, relative to the other colors of flame.

1.The yellow flame contain unburned carbon.2. A yelow flame can be caused by sodium.

You would turn the collar on a Bunsen Burner so that the holes are exposing the flame to more oxygen to produce a blue flame. Close the holes by turning the collar to turn it back to the yellow (dirty) flame.

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