Why is carrot soups called potage Crecy?

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My cookbook, Twelve Months of Monastery Soups (auth is Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette) says: " In France, the carrots grown in the vicinity of Crecy have the reputation as best and the tastiest in the whole country -- hence the name given to the soup. From France, the soup crossed the Channel into England, where it has become part of the national folklore. According to an old tradition dating back the the 14th century, loyal Britons should eat carrot soup or "potage de Crecy" on the anniversary (August 26, 1346) of the battle of Crecy, a legendary victory of the English over the French in the the Hundred Years' War. "
*** This is copyrighted, so better check him before you use the quote.
By the by, there is a fine painting by Julian Story of "The Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy" at the Savannah, Georgia Museum of Art.
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What is a carrot?

A carrot is an orange vegetable, the edible root of a leafy green plant. It is eaten by rabbits, horses, and humans. It is used in a number of culinary preparations, or can be eaten raw. Carrots contain sugars, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. The root gets its color from beta-caroten ( Full Answer )

What is a Hal Crecy clown painting worth?

Depending on the piece and subject matter, the right buyer islikely to pay somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000 american dollarsfor one. However, it is often possible to purchase one on thesecondary market or at an estate auction for much less.

Why is a carrot called a carrot?

The Latin name is "carota" (wild carrots, Daucus carota ) from the Greek karoton meaning "horn shaped."

Why was the Battle of Crecy fought?

The Battle of Crecy was one of the battles in the Hundred YearsWar. Edward III of England moved into enemy territory in hisongoing war with King Philip VI of France. While initially theEnglish army was pursued by the French Army, once they engaged inbattle, the English delivered a devastating loss t ( Full Answer )

What is potage?

It is a thick (often creamy) soup. Potage (from Old French pottage; "potted dish") is a category of thick soups, stews, or porridges, in some of which meat and vegetables are boiled together with water until they form into a thick mush.. It is a French soup usually pureed and often thickened with ( Full Answer )

What is a white carrot called?

It's not a carrot at all, but if it's white and is shaped like a carrot it is a parsnip.

Example of potages?

Potages are thick stews and soups. They are made by cooking meatand vegetables together until they become mushy. An example of thisis winter potage. This is made by combining a variety of vegetableswith butter, lemon, and spices. The end result is a creamy soup.

What if you do not have carrots?

stuff carrots try some other things for Vitamin A, like broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkins or butter (not too much).

How many calories are in carrot soup?

If the carrot soup comes from a can, carton, or packet, the calorie content is listed on the container (and the calorie content will vary from brand to brand). If the carrot soup is homemade, the ingredients used and the quantity of those ingredients determines the calorie content. Please feel free ( Full Answer )

How long does pasta soup stay good in refrigerator It is made with hamburger pasta stewed tomatoes carrots celery kidney beans?

Well, it's always better to make a soup without the pasta, and just add cooked pasta when you're going to eat or re-heat.This ensures you wont have "canned soup mush noodles" but fresh tasting pasta. That being said, like most prepared foods, a week is usually good for refrigerated foods, but someti ( Full Answer )

How many calories in chicken soup with carrots and potatoes?

The calories content of chicken soup with carrots and potatoes is determined by the total ingredients used to make the soup and the quantities of those ingredients. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more details. Alternatively, for the calories in chicken, carrots, and potatoes ( Full Answer )

Why are bowling for soup called what they are?

Bowling for Soup got their name from a comedy act by Steve Martin. The words were originally "bowling for sh*t" but they changed it to "Bowling for Soup" as it seemed more appropriate

What is a soup server called?

A porcelain, stoneware or china container from which soup is ladled is called a tureen. A deep-bowled utensil with a long, curved handle (often matching the tureen) is called a ladle.

Why is soup called soup?

The word is traced to the French "broth" and the Latin "bread soaked in broth."

What is a thick soup called?

Many soups that have been thickened are called cream of --- whatever, like cream of mushroom or cream of potato. Others are called bisque, like lobster bisque. Chowders are sometimes considered a thick soup, like clam chowder.

What is a group of carrots called?

A group of carrots are a group of vegetables that are great for you . These vegetables make your eyes pretty also

What if you do not have a carrot?

you eat a cucumber! or find one in the garbage or buy one or steal one from that hobo that lives in that one alley way close to your house!

What was the weapon introduced to the Battle of Crecy?

The Battle of Crecy saw the longbow first used in major numbers. Itproved devastating to armoured knights and other cavalry, as wellas crossbow archers who could only fire 1-2 shots a minute asagainst an average of 5 by the longbow.

Can you make tomato soup without a carrot?

You can make tomato soup without a carrot. I would do it this way: I put rice into boiling water, 1 choped potatoe and pealed tomatoes. You can add an onion and paprika. Then any spices you like.

How do you make a puree of carrot soup?

Here's a recipie that I found on the web: . 2 tablespoons butter . 1 onion, peeled and chopped finely . 1 1/2 pounds carrots, peeled if needed and sliced thinly . 1 large potato, peeled and sliced thinly . 1 clove garlic, crushed . 4 cups chicken stock . 1/4 teaspoon pepper . 1/4 cup whipp ( Full Answer )

What does carrots have in them?

Lots of vitimin A not much fat, basically none maybe some sugar, that is all natural they are excellent for seeing in the dark

What can carrots do?

Carrots provide a great source of Vitamin K, that helps clot your blood and let you see in the dark (better).

Why is it called pea wack soup?

It is called pea wack soup because wack refers to friendly soup. back in the 1970's it was called pea wack soup as a whole street would sometimes contribute to the meal and share it around family and neighbours. Basically meaning Pea(Pulse) wack(friendly) Bread Broth(soup)

Why are diamonds called carrots?

Your confusion is phonetic. Here are words that all sound the same -- in English -- but carry entirely different meanings, depending on how they are spelled. . Carrot -- a root vegetable . Karat -- a purity measurement for gold . Carat -- a weight measurement for gemstones Although in some s ( Full Answer )

How many calories carrot soup?

number 1, this question has bad grammer number 2, there is not a definite answer, since all soup brands have different ingreadients, even if they have the same name. a reliable answer by The Brofessor

What do carrots do for you?

they have actually found a substance that helps your eyes and face not so that you can see in the dark

What is a thick fish and vegetable soup called?

Most often a thickened soup made with fish and vegetables is called a chowder or a bisque. Chowders are made more like stews and bisques are more soup like with the pieces of fish and vegetables ground down or strained out of the soup.

Why is soup called ABC soup?

ABC Soup, also called Alphabet Soup, has small bits of letter-shaped pasta in it. You can purchase a bag of this pasta to use in homemade soup at most major grocery stores.

Why is Jade Soup so called?

Jade Soup gets its name from the color - green. It's made withbasil, spinach, leek, arugula, parsley, and chives, making itbright green.

What are bunches of carrots called?

Well, there you have it in the question. If you pick a batch of carrots, it is called a bunch. Honest! And you can eat every bit of the carrot - root and tops. With modern cultivars, carrots come in a wealth of different shapes, lengths and colors.