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My cookbook, Twelve Months of Monastery Soups (auth is Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette) says: " In France, the carrots grown in the vicinity of Crecy have the reputation as best and the tastiest in the whole country -- hence the name given to the soup. From France, the soup crossed the Channel into England, where it has become part of the national folklore. According to an old tradition dating back the the 14th century, loyal Britons should eat carrot soup or "potage de Crecy" on the anniversary (August 26, 1346) of the battle of Crecy, a legendary victory of the English over the French in the the Hundred Years' War. "

*** This is copyrighted, so better check him before you use the quote.

By the by, there is a fine painting by Julian Story of "The Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy" at the Savannah, Georgia Museum of Art.

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Q: Why is carrot soups called potage Crecy?
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