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The effects of colour on people is a huge study, and for those interested there are dozens of books and chapters in books to read and educate yourself with. Your local library will have lots to choose from.

However, there are some basics that are widely accepted. Dark colours tend to make areas appear smaller, have a more dramatic effect and can add punch to decorating style. Light colours, tend to brighten an area, making it appear more open and roomy. Warm colours can make a cold and/dark room feel snug and warm and cool colours can make a hot or dark/stuffy room feel cooler and more airy. Monochromatic colour palettes (variations on a single colour) are often used as backdrops to showcase art work pieces or enhance a dramatic view. (as in a loft apartment with a view of a river or noteworthy land-mark). Trendy colours palettes can be found in most decorating books and magazines and all paint stores.

But remember... Colour trends come and go on just about a ten year cycle... (everyone remembers or can identify, the green and orange or browns and rusts of the sixties or the grey and raspberry of the eighties), the most important part of choosing colour is do you like it? Does it make you feel comfortable?

Yes colour is a great way to alter a room, if you aren't sure, start by painting the walls, a can of paint is a lot cheaper and easier to get rid of than an eggplant sofa... Myley Cyrus' room color is blue

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Q: Why is color important when planning to design a room?
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Color can warm up a room or cool down a room as an interior design technique. Look on a color wheel to learn about contrasting hues and shades that are complementary. The color temperature sets a certain mood.

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The design choices for a computer room are really up to the person that is using the room. A computer room can be large or small, but should contain a good computer desk and an ergonomic chair. It is also important to have good lighting.

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When painting archways off a hallway do you paint them the hallway or room color?

You are free to design your own interior decor as you like; if you would like to paint the archways in the most usual way, it would be the hallway color, not the room color.

What impact does the colour and light relationship have when selecting colours for an interior design?

when selecting colors for a room, business or home, it is very important to consider the light that comes in the room also. a light color room which gets a lot of light can be too bright and may give u headaches. a dark color room which gets little light can be too dull and depressing. light lets out the real colors of a room. so choose carefully the shade and color of a room.

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My Deco 3D Room Planner is a good room design program. It allows you to view your room in 3D, placing objects, walls, doors, and windows wherever you like. Ikea Home Planner allows you to visualize Ikea furniture in your living space. Design A Room is another program that allows you to view your room in 3D and make selections for wall and floor color, along with placing furniture, walls, doors and windows.

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I like this new room design!

Which interior design companies specialize in family room design?

Many interior design companies design living rooms and living room furniture. Some of the companies that specialize in designing living room interiors include Ethan Allen and Ashley furniture.

Which paint color design should I use?

It's a matter of preference. If you want your room to look bigger than it is, then you should choose a light color, such as sky blue or apple green. If you want a more small and cozy room, then choose a dark color, like burgundy, brown or even black if you are daring.

What color is Ariana Grande's room?

In an interview, she said that the color of her room is light blue or a pastel color.

What did they design in Titanic?

they design a restruant, mini cafe, and a dinniig room

What degrees are offered in room design?

There are Associates and Bachelors degrees offered in room design. Specifically, interior design degrees are the most popular available throughout the United States.

What are some companies that offer room design?

Room design is currently offered by companies and design firms such as Creative House, or independent interior decorators that can be found in the yellow pages.

Who can design my room for a good price?

You would be the best person to hire, if you are willing to do your own research and develop your own design for the room. There are so many tools online that could assist you in designing your own room. Otherwise, you could start at the local art college or design school, and find students to help you design your room as a project for their classes.

Where can 'Design a Room' software be used?

"Design a Room" software can be used at AutoDesk Homestyler, or any basic CAD program. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, and is used to design structures with the aid of computer software.

What are websites to design a room online?

For creating moodboards or planning your room, you have OlioBoard and BHG's Arrange-a-Room virtual room planner. For experimenting with colors, there's BHG's Color-a-Room tool. Online retailers, sale sites, inspiration sites, and e-design sites have enhanced interior design by making it more accessible and affordable. Designing a room online can be tricky, but sites like ,, and even Ikea home planner can be SUPER helpful in helping you visualize your perfect interior. Finallly, for finding art accents for your walls, there is Little Art Engine. It makes finding art easy by recommending art to match your style. You can then preview all the art you choose using a picture of your own room.

How should one decide on the color of drapes to put up?

The color of drapes that one puts up should be decided based on the color of the walls, the color of the flooring, and/or the general color scheme of the room. Design is fairly subjective, so it is ultimately up to one's judgement to decide what looks good.