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Economics is called a science because, Economics is a science that treats of those social phenomena that are due to wealth getting and wealth using activities of Man. The word "Economics" is derived from theGreeks word "Oikonomos" which means to manage the house. So it means the management of a household especially in those matters, which are relating to theincome and expenses of the family. After sometime, political economy term was also used for this topic and slowly political economy adopted the shape of Economics. There are numerous definitions of Economics offered from time to time but there is no clear and concise definition. Keeping in view this situation J.M. Keynes has rightly, stated " Political Economy is said to have strangled itself with definition."

Production of wealth as to how goods and services are produced by combining the four factors of production. For example Mr. David wants to produce sugar willcombine the four factors of production. First of all, he purchases land, and then he purchases machinery and raw material. Then he employees labourers and organizes the business. After combining these factors he will produce sugar. Keeping in view the above discussion we may find that economics is a science of wealth in which we study wealth through its four aspects: production, exchange, distribution and consumption of wealth.

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Q: Why is economics called a science subject?
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