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If global warming were impossible, the world would be at least 30 degrees Celsius colder than it is today. One thing research scientists and global warming denialists do agree on is that greenhouse gases keep the earth at a comfortable temperature suitable for human habitation. So, global warming is not only possible, but necessary. And just as it is possible to keep the world at a temperature suitable for the maintenance of the world's current biodiversity and human existence, so also it is possible to raise the world's temperature, simply by adding new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. That is what scientists say is happening now.

Also, let's make sure we separate the concept of the greenhouse effect and the concept of global warming. The greenhouse effect is the process by which greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, insulate the earth, causing more of the earth's reflected heat to be captured instead of drifting off into space. Global warming is the theory that present-day increases of atmospheric carbon dioxide are causing the earth's temperature to permanently increase.

The greenhouse effect is a well know fact, with many observable examples of where it has exhibited itself (ie, Venus). Scientists who study the subject know that the greenhouse effect is the process of confining the energy from the sun that get radiated back out at longer wavelengths. What inhibits the cooling by radiation is the material in the atmosphere that absorbs energy. It turns out that water is one of those and, it is very important. If it wasn't, your microwave wouldn't heat your coffee. But, increased warming increases water vapor and that makes everything even worse, and not be a little bit. NASA satellite imagery has been reporting water vapor distribution in the atmosphere for decades. The NASA web site summarizes a study on this saying, " Increasing water vapor leads to warmer temperatures, which causes more water vapor to be absorbed into the air. Warming and water absorption increase in a spiraling cycle. " See There are an infinite number of ways that you can conjecture what might be true, but with real scientific research, the job is to whittle all those "might cause" ideas down to one. That is an advantage science has.

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Here is the link from NASA which explains how the warming of water vapour is a positive feedback to global warming, that is, it increases it.

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Q: Why is global warming impossible?
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