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A healthy relationship is pertinent both physically and mentally, and in some cases, spiritually. It is important to base and develop a relationship on trust, loyalty, and love. If your relationship is unhealthy it is likely to take a toll on your physical state, emotional state, or spiritual state. Most often, this is thought of in an abusive manner; however, this is not always the case. People can find themselves lacking proper connection to a partner from something as simple as differing views or values. A healthy relationship is different for every individual but it always involves feelings of comfort, peace, and happiness.


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Meaningful relationships are an important part of life. All relationships have their ups and downs, but one of the things that people can do to maintain healthy relationships is communicate. Psychologists have stated that communication is the key to having successful relationship. Communicating when problems first arise can reduce the tension that occurs in a relationship.

If you can't be happy with yourself, you will be unable to establish healthy relationships with others.

stable relationshipsunstable relationshipstruthful "untruthful "healthy "unhealthy "

It is important to air what is on your mind as it is a healthy way of expressing yourselve. It also encourages good relationships, the understanding of others and acceptance.

Positive relations are important as it allows both individuals to grow together and individually so that not just one person is the sole person keeping the relationship together, or working. A positive and healthy relationship should last for quiet awhile if not forever, but if it doesn't the individuals should be able to part and live healthy lives without any ghosts or haunting memories. Positive relationships are also important to keep both partners mentally healthy

A healthy relationships bloom from communication and understanding.

It is not important for teens to HAVE relationships but it is helpful for them to learn about how to maintain a healthy relationship. They can learn how to treat there girlfriend by how they teach there mom and vice versa for teenage girls. Teenagers in relationships before they have time to learn can lead to people doing naughty stuff

A healthy relationship is happy. A healthy relationship is honest and helpful.

There are healthy friendly relationships, dating relationships, romantic relationships, and just friends. Keep in mind that when you work, you should keep your mind on your job. That is what you are getting paid for,

The purpose of basketball is to have fun, build healthy relationships and skills and also to get fit and healthy.

Communication Caring Compatible

Why is it important to keep the blood healthy?

d.) maintain to stay healthy & strong

Security and healthy relationships

In most relationships no but it depends on you and the person your dating.

there should be healthy relationship. trust your partner.

Peer relationships are so important to children because, we are love and attention starved.

Sociopaths are incapable of having healthy relationships. They cannot love, either. Instead, they try to turn anyone with whom they have a relationship into a victim. Their relationships are inherently abusive.

It is important to have a healthy brain so you can function correctly

A healthy family will have healthy relationships, probably including communication, discussion rather than arguments, and good conflict resolution. These are all helpful for mental health. Poor family relationships can contribute to mental disorders or make them worse when they already exist. This is one reason why family therapy (which includes education about the disorders, training on how to better communicate, empathy training, and so on) is so important in some disorders.

It matters what you are talking about because there is such thing as an evil relationship but by what your question asks yes all relationships are important.

healthy foods are important because tthey give you energy

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