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Why is history boring?


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February 29, 2016 11:36PM

History can be boring in the way it is presented sometimes... memorizing dates, or if it is your own history and you list what you ate for breakfast every day for the last year, and it was usually oatmeal with little variation... that could be boring, even if someone were very interested in the dining habits of your particular demographic.

I don't think that history is always boring though. There are fascinating things in history, and interesting stories about how something happened, or why one person got offended and started a war... things like that. I think that it is interesting to read about how some things were invented, or who people blamed for the black death... learning about how society has changed over time, and how it hasn't, helps us to learn something about our own lives.

Another opinion:

When I think back to the days I was in school I am more thinking about boring teachers and boring exams rather than actually the history being boring.

There is a lot of fascinating history. Some like fairy-tales and fascinatingly intriguing, other like a horror movie and equally fascinatingly disgusting.

Schools and teachers may give you better or worse grades as a direct result of knowing dates, how many days between .... ...., What year did .... happen, Who invented ....,

It is not something most brains find easy to remember and in my opinion, this is not actually important to know for the general public.

History is in a way full of paradoxes leading to difficulties understanding why. Teachers and schools most often add to the subject being boring by punishing otherwise top performing students at school by giving them low grades in History related subjects.

An example of this could be:

A student knows a lot about World War 2. The student knows why certain places was attacked, the student know about the propaganda included, It is a very competent student with an awful lot of correct information regarding this historical event.

At an exam the questions asked are related to dates. What date is considered the starting date of WW2, When was Germany forced out of France, When did Hitler die, and so on.

This particular student knows all the ins and outs of the war regarding historical facts of the war but he does not remember dates and fails full time on the exam.

Such an experience can make history a most dreadful subject to most people.

The paradox is simply that Whilst knowing the most, such a student may still get low grades.