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Check the overflow pipes and pans to be certain that they are not clogged.

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What is a boiler check valve?

*A boiler check valve is usually made by Watts and called a Watts 9D. This prevents the water that goes into the boiler backflowing and having the heating water from the boiler coming back into the domestic water and having you drink it or shower in it.* Cheers,QuiteSomething

What is the feed check valve of boiler?

The feed check valve of a boiler is on the line coming out of the boiler it is usually to prevent the water from going back in to the boiler its coming out of so it would build up excessive amounts of pressure which will cause the t&p valve to blow temperature and pressure

Really strong smell coming from your back boiler when you turn on the heating It smells like the fumes are entering the room you have turned off the gas hoovered all the dust out please help?

It is important that you do not use the boiler and turn the gas off. You must then ask a professionally qualified gas plumber or engineer to come and test and overhaul your boiler. If you do not do this your boiler could let Carbon Monoxide gas into your house and this will kill you. Don't mess with Gas!!!

Why does your potterton performa 24 boiler keep coming on and off for 10 15sec every 10 15min intervals even when taps are turned off used for only hot water not for central heating?

Change 3 pin micro switch that sits on diaphram, it gets stuck which keeps pump running all the time, which causes boiler running on and off at intervals. This will cure your problem 100% micro switch cost £16, its easy to change ,

What is wrong with boiler if you see black smoke coming out of chimney?

needs to be cleaned

What is the role of gland condenser in steam turbine?

gland condenser is a type of condenser in which steam which is coming from d turbine is used for the heating of demineralised water and then this water is sent to the boiler so boiling of hot water consumes less coal and thus we get benifit of it

What should the temperature be coming out of the heating vent in my house?

The answer depends on the thermostat setting as well as the kind of heating system that you have.

Why does your potterton boiler keep coming on when switched off?

Sounds like you have the wrong switch turned off.

Why do you have no hot water coming out of back boiler?

The pump is probably off or the coupling that connects the pump to the motor is broken.

When is dance central 2 coming out?

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Why put a telescope in orbit?

The atmosphere distorts and blocks some light coming from space.

Why is oil not heating your radiators?

There may be a number of reasons why the radiators in your home are not turning on:A faulty gauge is indicating that there is oil in the tank when in fact the tank is empty - use a large wooden stick to 'dip the tank' to verify there is oil in the tank and it is above the outlet valve: normally about 2/3 inches above the bottom of the tank.There is a mechanical fault with the boiler. Call an OFTEC certified boiler engineer to check what the issue is.If you have just received a delivery of oil but had previously ran out you may have an air lock and this will require the boiler to be bled - this can normally be carried out by a plumber / engineer.There could be other reasons why your heating isn't coming on and would most likely require an OFTEC technician to help. offer a range of services provided by OFTEC technicians which can be booked online 24/7, alternatively, if you have ran out of oil or are running low, you can get a quote for your heating oil requirements on our website where ever you are based in the UK.

What is the difference between a condensing central heating boiler and a combination boiler?

A combination boiler can use one of two different fuels to heat the water. Common combinations include natural gas/propane and oil, or wood and oil combinations. A condensing boiler uses a secondary heat exchanger to condense water vapour (steam) in the products of combustion down to water. Here's what that means: When any hydrocarbon (gas, propane, oil, even wood) burns, it gives off at least two "products of combustion. The carbon combines with oxygen to create CO2, carbon dioxide. The hydrogen combines with oxygen to create water vapour, or steam. (If combustion is "incomplete," there will be other trace products as well.) It's the water vapour or steam we're concerned with here. To boil 1 pound of water requires 960 BTUs of heat. Conversely, if you condense steam down into 1 pound of water, you will recover 960 BTUs. The fuel is burned in the "primary heat exchanger," where of course it releases a tremendous amount of heat into the water we're warming up. Then the "products of combustion" are drawn by a fan into the "secondary heat exchanger." When the water vapour or steam component of the products of combustion hits the relatively cool walls of this second heat exchanger, they condense down into liquid water. As they do, they release heat into the boiler water through the walls of the secondary exchanger. The liquid water then goes down a drain. Obviously, the boiler water has to be cooler than the steam component of the products of combustion in order for the heat to travel into it. So we make sure that this water is what's coming back to the boiler from the heating system. Again, for this method to work well, it's best applied in a "radiant in-floor" type heating system, where we don't heat the boiler water up to as high a temperature in the first place. --The HVAC Veteran

What is a tricock valve?

It is a small, valve usually used to manually check if water is above the valve connection on a boiler or tank. There may be several of them at different heights on the boiler or tank. There is a handwheel on the valve, an inlet connection (which is attached to the boiler) and an outlet (usually left unconnected). When filling the boiler or tank, the try-cocks can be left open. Water coming from the try-cock means the tank is filled to at least that level. The valve is then closed.

The energy coming from inside the earth Heat from volcanoes or geysers?

This heat is known as geothermal heating.

What temperature should air be coming out of vents for heating?

Whatever it is set to on your heater's control keypad.

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There are distinct differences between frogs and toads. The janitor noticed a distinct odor coming from the boiler room.

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it blocks the water from coming out of the spout & redirects it to a different exit point

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What is the buzzing noise coming from an interior house wall?

I can think of a number of possibilities. Faulty electrical wiring. Insects/pests/animals. wind (causing a loose item to vibrate) Air conditioning (see above) Central heating (water) pump noise. Tinnitus.

Show you where is ignition coils on Mazda protege 2003?

On top of the engine..Two black blocks that have wires coming out of it

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