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Q: Why is hydrogen produced at the negative electrode and not sodium?
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What gas was produced at the positive electrode?

It was sodium Sulfate!

When electric current is passed through molten sodium chloride sodium is deposited on positive or negative electrode?

The metal plates out on the negative electrode, which provides the electrons needed to neutralize its positive ions.

When the switch is closed which electrode will attract the sodium ion?

Negative electrode Cathode One on the right

When sodium hydride is electrolyzed hydrogen gas is liberated at which electrode?

The anode, unusually enough.

Can electrolysis mean destruction of tissue by electrical current?

Yes, it can. What happens is sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas are generated at the cathode (negative electrode), whereas hydrochloric acid and chlorine gas or oxygen or both are liberated at the anode (positive electrode).

What is produced when sodium reacts with water?

Sodium hydroxide and Hydrogen

Why is hydrogen collected at cathode instead of sodium during the electrolysis of sodium chloride?

When an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide is electrolyzed, hydrogen is produced at the cathode because hydrogen can be produced at a lower voltage than can sodium, and the supply of hydrogen from the water of the solution is sufficient to consume all the current supplied. When molten sodium chloride is electrolyzed, however, sodium is produced at the cathode.

What gas is produced by sodium?

After the violent reaction of sodium with water hydrogen is released.

What gas is produced when aluminum reacts with sodium hydroxide?

Hydrogen gas is produced.

What happens when sodium ions come in contact with the negative electrode in a cell used for electrolysis?

the world end

A piece of sodium that's dropped into a beaker of water?

when sodium is dropped into water sodium hydroxide is produced leaving out hydrogen.

What is the gas produced when sodium reacts with water?

Sodium metal is very reactive and would explode when in contact with water and produce hydrogen gas.