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Why is insulin important to the body?

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Insulin, discovered by Fredrick Banting, is a naturally produced hormone. It is created in the pancreas and changes the metabolism rates of sugar. People with Diabetes have problems with the production of natural insulin and must use synthetic medicenes as a replacment.

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Why is insulin so important to the body?

Insulin is important for the body because it helps glucose enter the body's cells. The glucose is then used for energy.

Why is the pancreas so important?

the Pancreas is important because it produce insulin to allow the body to use sugar.

What does insulin maintain in the body?

Insulin mantains sugar level in the body.

What role does insulin play in the body?

Insulin controls the sugar in your body. Insulin can keep your sugar levels in check when you are a diabetic.

What makes insulin in the body?

Insulin is created by the Pancreas.

What is endogenous insulin?

It is the insulin produced by your own body

Where does insulin in the body happen?

Insulin is produced in your pancreas.

Does body weight increase from insulin injection?

No, body weight does not increase drom an insulin injection.

Which body organ produce insulin?

The pancreas secretes insulin.

Why insulin is used?

Insulin is usually made in your body automatically; diabetes is when your body does not make enough insulin. So some people with diabetes have to take insulin to control their blood sugar.

When the body doesnt produce insulin what is the effect?

Insulin is a hormone that causes cells to absorb and store glucose. When the body fails to produce sufficient insulin, or the insulin is ineffective, the body cannot store glucose, and can become lethargic. Diabetes is the name for the condition where insulin is not functioning properly.

How does insulin travel around the body?

Insulin travels around the body by the bloodstream aka circulatory system.

Which type of diabetes occures when the body makes insulin but not enough to meet the body needs or the body becomes resistant to insulin produced?

type 1 diabetes is when your pancreas does not make enough insulin.

Does insulin have fungi?

No. Insulin is a hormone produced by cells in the body of animals.

What is the normal insulin level in the body?

i want to know what is the normal insulin level inthe body? is it 60pmol/l?

Body does not produce or properly use insulin?

If your body does not produce or properly use insulin you may be diagnosed with diabetes.

What makes insulin in your body?

Insulin is a hormone manufactured by B-cells in the Pancreas.

Which gland of the human body secrete insulin?

The pancreas is responsible for insulin secretion.

What releases insulin?

In the human body, the organ called the pancreas releases insulin.

Do all living organisms have insulin?

yes all organisms have insulin in their body

What does insulin do for the body and what organs it produced?

Insulin is a peptide hormone, produced by islets of Langerhans (beta cells) of the pancreas,. Insulin functionality is to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body.

Why are insulin injections important for people who have diabeties?

it is not important.

Where does insulin come from?

Insulin comes from various sources. The commercial insulin is produced from animals like cows and pigs. In the human body, insulin is produced in the pancreas.

Is insulin a nutrient food source?

No you do not need to intake insulin if you do not have a certain disease in which your body does not receive insulin, such as diabtes. If you do not have diabetes then your body should be already making no it is not a food source.(:

What happens to a body that cannot produce insulin?

Insulin helps control the blood sugar. So when a body can't produce insulin the level of blood sugar rises above normal.

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