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Q: Why is it bad to burn foam seat cushions in the wood stove?
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Why is it bad to burn foam seat cushions in your wood stove?

When foam burns it produces a lot of noxious chemical byproducts. A lot of these are toxic and can cause respiratory distress or even death.

What is a use for memory foam?

Pillows, mattresses, cushions, seat pads in furniture

Where can I buy foam padding for use in cushions? offers various foam options for your seat cushions. You can order in various sizes and shapes for whatever your project may require.

Can anyone tell me where to find info on memory foam car seat cushion?

Memory foam car seat cushion information can be obtained from a medical website such as or These cushions are used to ease back pain and tension.

Where can I find a memory foam car seat cushion?

Memory foam car seat cushions can be found online an in your local stores. I would look around and see what the prices are on them and try to get the best deal on one. Good luck with finding one.

What are some cheap alternatives to memory foam seat cushions?

Instead of purchasing a complete cushion made out of memory foam, it is possible to add one or two memory foam toppers to a regular foam cushion. This will give the support but will not be as hot or as prone to permanent indentations as memory foam.

What is an improved seat?

One that follows the curvatures of the spinal cord, cushions it just enough where the bounce is kept to a minimum, yet still is comfortable. The seat is best when memory foam is involved as well.

Where can one buy comfortable car seat cushions?

Brookestone is a great place to purchase comfortable seat cushions. They sell cushions with lumbar support and Tempur-Pedic material. The seat cushions come in various sizes, colors, and material.

What are the types of cushions?

There are floor cushions,bolsters, bench, chair, window seat, and wheel chair cushions.

How much are seat cushions for outdoor?

You can go to Walmart and get some outdoor seat cushions for as low as $15, the cushions are very fashionable too so you dont have to worry about ugly furniture.

Finding New Patio Furniture Seat Cushions?

Patio furniture seat cushions fade and can deteriorate after a couple of years' use. Finding new patio furniture seat cushions may seem challenging, but many retailers carry extra cushions in common sizes, making it possible to find replacement cushions for your existing patio furniture. It's important to find cushions that have ties so that they can be anchored to the furniture. Windy days will see these seat cushions flying about the yard, otherwise. It's also important to protect patio furniture seat cushions from rain and from sprinkler water that will lead to early demise.

How do you remove the seat cushions on a 1991 Chevy Corvette?

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Where can I read user reviews on memory foam car seat cushions?

Most online retailers now have comment sections for their products. and Target both have reviews and rankings from previous buyers on their websites

How many cushions are on a love seat? for each cheek

How can one make their own window seat cushions?

There are several ways one can make their own window seat cushions. Using old cushions and revamping them by sewing is a cheap and easy way. Buying sponge or filler and a couple of yards or material is another.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2002 Hyundai elantra 2.0 liter?

Under the back seat cushions in the middle. the bottom

Do they make couches for the patio?

Yes! For a patio couch, choose wicker with cushions for the seat and the back. Bench-style couches have storage in the seat, which is a bonus. Most have cushions that should be removed over the winter, and can be washed and hung to dry.

Do you know where I can buy patio furniture seat cushions?

The best place to buy patio furniture seat cushions is at Canadian Tire. They are also very well priced. They also have sets that have fireplaces built right into the center of the tables.

What is a motorcycle seat made of?

Motorcyle seat is made of contoured foam and vinyl - some are made with leather

Where can I buy cheap outdoor seat cushions?

The local Wal-Mart shopping center caters to those who wish to buy inexpensive materials, you can buy outdoor cushions as well as some indoor cushions to make your house look nice.

How do you remove the back seat of a 1995 Honda Civic?

by seat belts between cushions there 10mm bolt or bolts front snaps in in the center you will see it

How do you take the back seat out of a 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

On fixed seats remove the bolts at base of the seat back side cushions and detach them.Removethe two bolts at the rear of the seat cushion and detach the coushin assembly.Remove the two bolts at the base and remove the seat backs. On foldingseats remove the two bolts at the front of the seat cushions and detach the cushion assembly.Fold the seat backs forward,remove the bolts and lift the assembly out.

Under the section on Child Safety Seats what color are the cushions of the pictured child safety seat?


What is the value of a mint blow up seat cushion from the 1972 73 74 World Championship and is it rare?

Vintage 1970's era stadium seat cushions in general sell for about $10.-$25. The Oakland A's had emerged as one of baseball premiere dynasties in the 1970's winning the World Series in 1972,1973, and 1974. The three seat cushions you have commemorating the three world championship years should hold higher value. The stadium seat cushions might be rare but so would a collector of seat cushions. The bulk of the value will rely on the fact that they are World Championship souvenirs. I left a link below for Miscellaneous Baseball Collectibles. Check it out for similar items.

Which name brand sells the best outdoor seat cushions?

There are many types of cushions that you can choose for outdoor use; the Home Depot and Lowes sell great products, and they have their own name brands.