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becuase arguements with your best friend are what hurts most and it comes out through anger.


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i think it is best just to not talk to your friend and wait until they say sorry to you. because if they dont say sorry to you first , that means that they dont respect you

I would say it is more than hard to forget a best friend. It's impossible to forget a best friend.

say you were sorry and shake hands

Of course you must say sorry to your best friend. throw your ego just for a while. say what is your mistakes to her/him. say that you regret what you've done. say that you want to be better best friend for him/her. and you must do what you've say, don't just say it. Do action! so your best friend will know that you are really his/her best friend..

Say "I'm sorry for _____", and be specific, and do it in person.

If he/she is your best friend, If you say sorry to him/her, he/she will definitely forgive you. If you did some silly/some forgivable mistakes.

say sorry im interested in ur friend but can we be friends

Just apologize!! Say that you were wrong and that you are sorry.

buy your friend something and say your really sorry and say what you did wrong and why you did it and lastly how you upset them.

If you something wrong to your guy friend you should just say sorry and if you don't just don't be friends.Hope that this can help you.:)

depends....if they hit you hard, then you grab there face and push it into a wall and make them say sorry only if it was on purpose thow but if it wasnt then just make them say sorry nicely. (:

make tons of jokes and say you r sorry a lot

It depends on what you did.

Say Sorry Or if they're crappy, get a new friend!

If you have to "get" a friend to say they are sorry, they aren't. Up to that point they didn't know or care that they had anything to be sorry about.Then again, maybe they didn't have anything to be sorry about.

if they are a true friend then you should talk and say I'm sorry( even if you haven't done anything wrong ) and say can we put it behind us

You can say you are sorry and work it out and make it all better, or you can say yesterday you made me cry because we weren't friends. That's what you can say!

What ever you did, say that you are very sorry and you didnt mean to hurt her and you will never do it again and say lots of nice things about her.

You mention it to her, and if she denys it, shes not your friend. If she admits it and shes your friend, she'll most likely say "sorry" right away. It's hard to find real friends in this world.

Tell the person who has a crush on you the truth. I know everyone would say that and its REALLY hard to be so honest with someone telling them you like their best friend but its the best way to get it done without hard feelings.

Say Im sorry i cant help how I feel about You but I hope we can still be friends

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