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PERSONAL INFORMATION Sitting Bull was born on the Grand River in South Dakota in 1831. His father had the name Sitting Bull, and his mother's name was Her-Holy-Door. When he was born, his parents named him Jumping Badger. As a child, there was nothing miraculous to separate him from other children of his age and tribe. His nickname was Hunkesi, meaning, "Slow," because he never hurried or did anything with care. At a young age, though, he thought of himself as a leader. On his first hunt at the age of 10, Jumping Badger killed his first buffalo. He gave the meat away to elders who could not hunt for themselves. After he went on his vision quest at the age 14 he proved himself a leader. When Sitting Bull grew up he had at least 3 wives and maybe about 5. His first 2 wives died and his last 2, Four Robe and Seen-by-the-Nation gave him many children. PERSONALITY Everyone has a personality and so did sitting bull. He was a brave and fearless man and to top it all of he was also a very kind and extremely caring person, husband, and father. IMPORTANT LIFE EVENTS Sitting Bull shared food, clothing, and tepees with Indians. In 1867 the Sioux Nation joined together and decided to pick one chief to lead them all. They chose Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull was given a beautiful chief's headwear of black and white eagle feathers. Each feather stood for a brave deed done by the best warriors. It was delicate and admirable. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

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Q: Why is it important to Sitting bull to receive a white eagle feather for his first coup?
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