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Q: Why is it necessary to take note on the color of the specimen before drying or before soaking it in faa solution?
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Why is it necessary to standardize the NaOH solution before titration?

It allows the concentration of the NaOH to be known.

Why is it necessary to heat-fix the bacterial smear before staining?

Heat_fixationis used to kill, adhere, and alter the specimen so it will accept stains

Does pumkin need soaking before cooking?


Why is it necessary for a substance to be in solution before it can be tasted?

Substances can be tasted only when they are in water solutions, and if a substance is not in solution when taken into the mouth, it must be dissolved in saliva before it can be detected by the taste buds

Is soaking a noun?

Yes, soaking a verbal noun (a gerund), the present participle of the verb 'to soak'. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective. Example uses:Verbal noun: Give your garden a good soaking after planting.Verb: I'm soaking the beans before I cook them.Adjective: Let me help you with your soaking feet.

Soaking vegetables in water before cooking causes leaching of water soluble vitamins and minerals?

does soaking vegetables in water before cooking cause leaching of water soluble vitamins and minerals

Why is it necessary to dry residual water with calcium chloride before distillation of tert-butyl chloride?

Tert-butyl chloride is not soluble in water. A solution is necessary to perform a distillation.

Do Japanese take a bath before a shower?

They take a shower to clean up before soaking in the bathtub.

How can I properly clean my dentures at night?

The most common and popular way is to soak them overnight in a cleaning solution. You should brush them before soaking to make sure to remove all particles so they will be truly clean.

Why the specimen should be dried before positioning and mounting?

Because it will change shape as it dries, so mounting it while it is wet would cause excessive stresses.

Why is it necessary to rinse the burette with sodium hydroxide before you completely fill it up?

The burette must be prerinsed with a titrant solution to avoid any contamination.

What is the process for soaking meat in salted water to increase flavor before cooking called?


Peeling lambs fry before soaking in milk?

yes u do as it gives it more flavor

What is an advantage of staining a specimen before using?

It provides contrast and facilitates the act of observation .

Why must the specimen be centered before switching to high power on a microscope?

I don’t know

Why a drop of water is added to the onion cell before it is covered with a cover slip?

prepared by adding water to the specimen which increases its translucency and makes it easier to stain. It also has a tendency to cause the specimen to flatten which makes the specimen easier to view.

How do you get cream colored curtains white - bleach did not work?

Try soaking for an hour before the wash cycle.

Why is it necessary to dry the ice before adding to the water?

It is not necessary.

Is it necessary to be in a relationship before marriage?

Not necessary but extremley recommended

Are pinto beans better if soaked before cooking?

Soaking pinto beans before you cook them speeds up cookign time and allows some of the gas to escape. When soaking beans the water should be change the water several time, or when it begins to turn dark.

How can calluses be treated topically?

Using hydrocortisone creams or soaking feet in a solution of Epsom salts and very warm water for at least five minutes a day before rubbing the area with a pumice stone will remove part or all of some calluses.

What is a solution to domestic violence?

There are many options: -- seek counseling -- call the domestic violence hotline 1-800-799-SAFE -- if necessary, move out before it escalates

Why is it necessary to study order of operations and laws of operations before you solve equations?

Because if you did operations in an impermissible order, or violated laws of operations, then your solution to the equation is wrong.

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As mentioned before, you must contact your physician for referral. Your physician will arrange a hospital stay and the procedure can be done. Make sure that it is necessary and the only solution to your need before you commit.

What is necessary before before ovule can be fertilized?