Why is it safer to travel into the wind than in a crosswind in a plane?

During normal flying their is no difference in safety, but during landing and takeoff in a cross wind there is inherently more danger. During takeoff and landing the aircraft speed is slower, often at or nearly at the stall speed. At these speeds the control surfaces are much less effective (ailerons on the wings, rudder on the tail and the elevators) so the plane respondes slower, more sluggishly. The cross wind tends to push the plane to the side and as long the wind is steady its not much of a problem as the plane is aligned with the runway before it loses too much speed. The real problem is when the wind gusts or changes dramatically, then the plane is a bit slow to repond - if a pilot is careful its not a real problem since if the plane is blown too far off thay can do a go around - most of the time it's only a problem with inexperienced pilots or pilots who are not paying attention or panic.