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Nothing much has changed from generation to generation and I use to think the same thing. Now my niece is complaining that she has a hard time landing a boyfriend and she's attractive with a sweet personality. Young men are at their sexual peek and usually try to "hit" on a girl that will "go all the way." For those girls that are smart enough and don't want to go there right away until they at least get to know the person better, this sort of leaves them out in the cold. There are still some young men out there with values and you just have to get out there and find them. Sex today is tough on younger people and more seems to be expected from them or they don't fit in. The best thing you can do is set your values, respect yourself and don't do anything you don't want to do until you are ready and never mind what your peers think. Strive to be different because it rubs off on others. Don't give up, because there is that special guy out there. Meanwhile get out with friends and have a great time. Believe it or not both sexes can have a blast at a party, skiing party, etc., without a guy draped all over you. Good luck Marcy It's simple. From one guy to you, most guys are jerks that only care about themselves. Good luck, and don't settle for anything but the best.

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Q: Why is it so complicated for a normal girl to get a boyfriend?
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Is it normal for a girl to text her boyfriend until midnight?

Did you ever consider that the girl misses her boyfriend, so she wants to talk to him until she sleeps if he's not there with her? Yes, it's somewhat normal.

Im in love with boyfriend but falling for girl?

what should i do? i love my boyfriend, but my feelings for this girl are so strong, and were so alike its rediculas.. and im afraid that if i break up with my boyfriend for this girl everything will be messed up... what do i do.

Will you be jealous if a girl likes your boyfriend?

Yes and it is a perfectly normal reaction to be jealous. This is a good sign; it means that your boyfriend is good looking to not only you but your friend. The most important thing is that he is yours, you have him and she doesn't so be happy that your boyfriend is fanciable.

How do you ask out a girl if your not sure that she likes you?

Just ask, what is so complicated?

How can we get a girl to break it off with her boyfriend to be with me?

im a girl and that would be messed up to break it off with her boyfriend cause if she wants to be with you she'd be with you not her boyfriend so you should just leave her alone.

If your 12 how old should your boyfriend be?

If your 12 and you want a boyfriend he should be int the same grade or else it get complicated. So your boyfriend should most likely be the same age as you or in the same area of that age:)

How do you ask a girl out if she has a boyfriend?

Do you just forget about her or ask her out? Or if her boyfriend could beat you up so easy?

You found out your boyfriend was talking to another girl what can you do?

Talking to another girl? There shouldn't be any problem with just talking, so there is no need to do anything there. Try talking to your Boyfriend and see what he says about this girl.

Is it normal to get jealous when a guy flirts with the girl you like?

yes because you love the girl or guy whatever so its normal.

What do you do when your a girl with a boyfriend but like his best friend?

Well obviously you are not that into your boyfriend so don't pretend and tell him the truth.

What is Lady Gaga's boyfriend.. girlfriend's name?

Lady Gaga Is A Girl, So She Has A Boyfriend, But No one Knows His Name...

How do you get a boyfriend in Harvest Moon DS?

You start out as a boy so you can't have a boyfriend, however to get a girl friend you need to give the girl gifts or activate her heart events.

Is it normal for your boyfriend to wank over you?

Boyfriends and Girlfriends usually will wank when fantasising over each other so it is normal.

What are so cute nick names for boyfriend and girl friend?


Is it normal to not have a girlfriend in seventh grade?

well, I'm in 7th grade and i don't have a boyfriend yet. about more than half my grade doesn't have a boyfriend (that are girls). so yeah, it's normal.

Is it normal to have a mustache if your a girl?

Yes, it is normal for girls to have moustaches. So don't be embarrassed if you do.

I want my BF back but I was the other girl but I know he loved me and still does so what should I do I don't trust the girl he is with?

If you want your boyfriend back, who is currently with another girl, simply approach the other girl and tell her to stop spending with your boyfriend.

What do you do when a girl chooses her boyfriend over you?

get over it or just try to get her jealous. so just date another girl until the girl you want gets really jealous of the girl your dating then she will probably dump her boyfriend and ask you on a date!! good luck!

How do you ask a girl if you are boyfriend and Girlfriend?

Say "So....are we dating?" over text.

What does a girl do when shes so jealous to have your boyfriend?

Calm down and relax. I think.

Your boyfriend is still in love with her ex girlfriend?

Ok, so it the boyfriend in love with your ex-gf, or your bf is actually a girl orrrr?

Im a girl and have a moustashe is that normal?

i live with my cat and i have a moustache as well so i think its normal

You really like this girl she is complicated and just so far out there but she likes this boy who only likes her for her body you told her but she doesn t believe you What should you do?

try to get prove tell talk about it with the boy and try to get her to hear and when she does you will be her hero and then she'll want you for a boyfriend.

What does a girl mean when she says relationship is complicated?

Probably she doesn't want to discuss the relationship with you. So, you don't.

What can you do when a girl say they love you but they have a boyfriend?

Well , its so hard , but id say to her " where do we stand? How can you tell me you love me and still have another guy as your boyfriend? ....