Why is it so hard for people to realize how truly wonderful God is?

1) Peer influence. In high school, for example, the one or two religious believers in a class may be subject to ridicule. (See also: Does God exist?)

2) Convenience; desires. No one wants "bothersome" rules, or limitations to their personal pleasure.

3) Lack of proper information. People have inaccurate notions about God, religion and belief. They've picked up tidbits, jokes, and "sound-bites," and on such solid authority they dismiss the entire topic.

4) Unfortunate experiences. Many have had personal hardships, or a harsh religious upbringing or education, and as a consequence may retain an unhappy feeling towards belief, without realizing that emotions and proofs are two different things.

5) Many think that science, and specifically Evolution, have proved that there is no God. They don't comprehend that even if Evolution was an unquestionable fact, it would not automatically follow that God isn't there. They also seem unaware that there are a significant number of highly-qualified scientists who do not believe in Evolution.

6) Intellectual laziness. Many people have simply never delved into the subject, to see if God's existence can be convincingly demonstrated.

7) Stereotyping. People call us "religious nuts," "Bible-thumpers," etc.; so the average layperson may get a negative feeling toward all belief, not realizing that he/she should first look into the existence of God in principle, before necessarily looking into religion.

Belief in God

Here are opinions on this potentially contentious question:

  • Free Will. The gift from God is also the curse to Man. The Fall of Man is based on Free Will. Without Free Will, we would be robots. With Free Will, we are children, always looking for freedom. God's provisions are enough to make us thankful at times, but our nature (also God-like, "in His image") is to want more, and so we are surly, driven, miserable (not all of us, and not all the time). When "bad things" happen, it only reinforces that juvenile idea that our Father in Heaven is a tyrant, an ogre, a slavemaster. It opens up possibilities like, "He doesn't care." It feeds our own stunted egos so we say things like, "I'm good" and "I don't deserve this kind of treatment." What people don't understand is that "God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy" and that "the sun shines on the wicked as well as the good."
  • 2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
  • There are many answers to this, but to me the most obvious is there are a lot of things about our existence that are'NT so wonderful. If we are to believe that God is all knowing and all loving and caring, then we need to ask why he thought it necessary to create aids, leprosy, childhood cancers etc. We also need him to explain whether He gets any pleasure in killing hundreds of thousands of people in tsunamis and earthquakes. It's all very well to have cute posters on the wall with furry kittens and lovely waterfalls and the words "God is love" on them but there are two sides to every coin. Millions of people around the world go through their day being loving caring law abiding considerate people and gain pleasure from the beauty of nature without needing a supernatural being to explain everything.
  • Probably because there are many gods for the many different religions. Hinduism is different than Christianity, which most people on this post seem to be. There are many gods in Hinduism. Religion is quite diverse in Africa and South America amongst the variety of tribes, each believing in different things. And the variety of beliefs found on the planet probably lends itself to the conclusion that there is not true god (unless, all of us have misinterpreted sacred texts, signs, etc.). There are those who have a problem with blind faith. I have never had (and doubt I will) the "I've seen the light" moment. As a scientist, God cannot be conclusively proven to exist or not. On a psychological basis, religion was a way to explain unknown phenomen (i.e. early Greeks - lightening from Zeus) as well as an explanation for origins (something most people desperately need to identify with). With all these, and other ideas floating around in one's head, it is very hard to have the blind faith that some people have. In the end it comes down to probably a combination of genetics and experience whether on truly believes or not.
  • The answer is so simple, one needs to seek the proper perspective. Example: Three of the world's top experts in problem solving are hired to research a megacorporation's situation. They are told they will be made wealthy beyond imagination if they resolve the corporation's problem. They all agree to seclude themselves and study the problem until there is a perfert solution. The problem is placed on a table in front of them. Immediately two of them recognise the problem and instantly realize that it will take all three of them to work out the resolution. Unfortunately the third expert does not recognize the problem. The other two proceed to explain and describe the problem in minute detail. No matter how hard they try the third expert just does not recognize it. Why would ne not be able to. Simply, he does not want to. As the problem is of such a nature that it can only be recognized from one angle or perspective which is NOT his perspective. And since he insists on seeing it from his perspective he WILL NOT therefore want to see it. As many insist that GOD be what they want HIM to be or they will not even accept HIS existence they -WILL NOT- even accept HIS existence. They also insist that anyone who is willing to deal with GOD based on WHOM GOD is and not what they want HIM to be is ignorant and stupid. It all boils down a spirit of pride which cemented itself to a selfish decision that if HE ain't what I want HIM to be then I will not accept HIM. Simply put - it's my way or not all.
  • "No one comes to the lord except by me." Sounds pretty "my way or no way" to me. I am assuming from the original question the writer is talking about "GOD" the Christian God. There has been over 10,000 major religions in the history of humanity. Many have had multiple Gods or NO God or concepts of creation that are almost beyond our imagination. As a concept, GOD is wonderfull but he/she/it/they is also terrible. It has been the driving force behind humanitys best and worst moments and can be such a huge force in peoples life that it may as well be true (for them). But when you begin to look at even some of the facts it is very easy to find it hard to believe GOD to be wonderful ... or even there.
  • Because god isn't right for everyone. Some people don't believe in god. That's their own decision, each to their own.
  • Because they didn't see or talk to God.
  • Assuming the original question is referencing the God of the Bible, then the Corinthians is the correct answer Biblically: 2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. A small "g" in the word god in this verse is referencing Satan. (To answer question #3) According to scripture, this is satans time to rule the earth supernaturally. It is his turn to try and take as many souls as possible with him in the end. His function in life is to do anything and everything possible to keep people blinded and from knowing the truth. The truth being that there really IS "the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God". This is why it is so hard for people to realize how truly wonderful God is.
  • Why? Because people are prideful and refuse to believe that someone greater than them has given them life, health, love and whatever else they need. People are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't even open their heart to the fact that God is real and in existence. What have you got to lose by believing in God and his wonder? You have an eternity to lose just for NOT believing!

No doubt the most common reason is that more and more people have come to believe that God does not even exist. If God is actually non-existent, he logically can not be truly wonderful.