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Understand .. I loved my N with all my heart, maintained hope and attempting trust to the very end. I am someone you could call .. highly sensitive, empathetic. After 4 years of continuously keeping my guard up, continuously setting my boundaries .. in stone, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. In the beginning I was totally blown away by someone that I cared about saying some of the most thoughtless and unkind things I had ever heard in the guise of being 'direct' or 'honest'. Most of the time he could be gentle, funny and sweet to me, but it would not last, there were those little talks he asked to have, with the supposed purpose of communicating his needs and my failures. It broke my heart, over and over. I would tell him to hit the road .. he would apologize, saying he had changed / agreed with me / wanted to prove how much he really loved me. On my birthday a few years ago, he took me out to eat and before food arrived he told me he had been talking to his ex-online-girlfriend several times a week, late at night. She would tell him how great he was, how tremendously talented, what a wonderful person he was. She would tell him that she could see him becoming a recording star, that his voice was so very beautiful. I am a lifetime musician, and he had a nice, average quality voice .. but even if he had an extraordinary talent, most people don't break into the music business at 50. I appreciated his diligence, encouraged improvement and listened to everything he did, but I couldn't be dishonest with him. I didn't understand his need for the spotlight. When he told me about his ex it felt like he had stuck a knife in my gut. I felt nauseous. I felt extraordinarily betrayed and humiliated. I told him he had just admitted to an emotional affair. He maintains he did nothing wrong. I had noticed the emotional pull away, noticed he hadn't been calling to tell me about his day. Seemed closed off and business like with me for awhile. I broke it off, but he came back promising never to speak to her again, stating I was the only woman he had ever loved, etc. I realized over time that he used confidences as weapons, choosing words that seemed to have the purpose of inflicting maximum pain, hitting insecurities, yet assuring he never had ill intent. Again, 2 years later .. I feel the pull away, inability to make eye contact. Yes .. the ex is back in the picture. Deal breaker to the 10th degree. He said his failure was in being honest, I told him his failure was in doing something he felt needed to be hidden. I finally decided, we cannot be friends, cannot maintain contact in any way. I cannot allow an open door for him to manipulate. Being connected to him is emotionally devastating. He is a cold-hearted predator. He needs me to feel responsible for our failings and he has no ability to feel remorse or empathy. I am emotionally drained to the last drop. I don't like the angry and damaged person I have become around him. 6 weeks after blocking his phone and refusing to allow him in the house, my world is beginning to feel safe again. I see glimmers of contentment and peace. Activities and hobbies that had been pushed aside are now interesting and fun again. I am reconnecting with family and friends and they are supporting and loving me. Each day I feel a little stronger and experience little things that make me smile. I have got a lot of healing to do before I want to consider dating again. I need to learn to love me again and restore faith in my own worth, and belief that I deserve a relationship based on love, trust and respect.

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How do you help a narcissist?

The question is help them how? Refer them to counseling, but they don't want to be fixed, though you may want to fix them to be a 'normal' person so you can keep a relationship with them. If you are a lay person and in a relationship with a narcissist, you cannot help them. Just by the nature of your relationship and the pathology of a narcissist, things will get ugly, it will be at your expense and there will be no change in the narcissist. A good therapist will be the one to help a narcissist, but it takes a great deal of work on the part of the narcissist, a commitment to healing, only they don't see themselves as 'broken' or anything wrong with them, so an honest introspective communication with a therapist is rare. It's so hard to understand. Leaving them is best for you though and isn't that sad that that is also the way to help a narcissist, because they are sucking your goodness from you and using it to buoy themselves. So sad.

Can you have a relationship with a narcissist?

Yes, you can have a relationship with a narcissist, but will it be a fulfilling one? I was in a relationship with a narcissist and it completely drained my energy! They are so in love with themselves, they can do no wrong and they expect you to cater to their needs and their wants only. If they pamper you and give you things, it is for their own gain. Do not be fooled, these people do not know how to love anyone.

How do I avoid a narcissist man after I ended the relationship and he wants me back?

When you ended the relationship you hurt his pride not his heart (as he doesn't have one). He doesn't want you back to love you but so that HE gets to end the relationship. Don't communicate with him - at all.

Can relationship make you a narcissist?

not so much a narcissist but for sure you will notice in hindsight that you were beginning to act like those morons do.......a co-dependent

Can you have a long term relationship with a narcissist?

People have long-term relationships with all sorts of people. Having a long-term relationship with a narcissist may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is possible to do so.

Why do you grieve so much now that your narcissist father has died?

You grieve for the relationship you SHOULD have had.

How do you end a relationship with someone that is overly sensitive?

Well I would say set them up so they end the relationship or so they think they did anyway and then your in the clear.... Xigeneral

Would a narcissist need to be in a relationship all the time?

Pretty much - they need a worshipper & a scapegoat. Pathetic how they can't be alone so STAY AWAY from them!

Why is it so hard to break free from a narcissist?

Because of their psychological control over their victims. Read WOMEN WHO LOVE PSYCHOPATHS for better information.

Is a Narcissist not able to function after long term relationship?

Sure they are. They just "say" that to make you feel sorry so they can stick around and drain you dry. Get rid of them.

If you get the silent treatment for many months from a narcissist woman does it mean that will be the last you will hear from her ever again?

oh, please don't fall for it,the way i did. and i tell you from experience, all the narcissist wants is ATTENTION, so he she wants you to beg for forgiveness, then he/she is gonna play hard to get, i don't consider it to be a healthy relationship to be giving all that attention a narcissist wants, because soon, whether you realize it or not he/she is only gonna want you for himself,oh and to actually answer your question, yes, i think that that was the last time you might have herd of him/her, because narcissist have a lot of pride and they are not gonna just let it go,but don't feel bad and get on with your life......luck:)

What is Christianity belief?

Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ who created the world and the universe and has done so much for us he died on the cross for our sins so we would could have a relationship with him. Your relationship with Jesus is not boring it is an adventure. IT"S AMAZING!!!! He loves us so much and wants to talk to us and comfort you through hard times.!there are no Christian beliefs at allend of

What dos a narcissist do when he ends the relationship?

They leave without feeling anything. most likely they already have an auxiliary supply ready to tap in to (the next sucker). People are objects to a narcissist, so to them it is like buying a new cell phone and throwing the old one in a junk drawer and forgetting about it.

Why is it so hard to move on when the relationship is not right?

When it comes to getting out of a relationship, empathy is the main reason why it is so hard to pull yourself out of a bad relationship. We put ourselves in our partners shoes realizing the pain and hardship they will go through when we make our move. Regardless of whether it is hard to move on or not, we know what is best for ourselves to survive and be happy.

You left your narcissist but he pretends like he left you Why?

Narcissists have a natural ability to turn any situation in their favor (in their own minds, of course!). If they feel it is important that they are the one who "left" the relationship, then in their minds, they are, in fact, the one who left the relationship. If it were to their benefit that you "left" the relationship, then that is the way it would be (in their own minds, of course!). There is no way to change the mind of the N and the N will so adamantly believe they left the relationship, the belief becomes the truth for them. You do know that it is of no importance who exited the relationship. The important factor is that you are free of the narcissist and if you have any hope of living a peaceful life, you will keep it that way!

Will a narcissist admit they aren't good at something?

Oh yes,they do in the begin fase of the relationship to gain your trust and look normal and human,but is just a mask so you feel comfortable with them...Be careful...

Narcissist in love with a narcissist?

It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she is so that makes me above him/her). It's incredible and shocking the way people with this disorder think. It takes a lot of research to understand a narcissist.

Once a narcissist starts to give you the silent Treatment Which Has Been Going On For Months can you safely assume that will be the last you will here from them again?

oh, please don't fall for it,the way i did. and i tell you from experience, all the narcissist wants is ATTENTION, so he she wants you to beg for forgiveness, then he/she is gonna play hard to get, i don't consider it to be a healthy relationship to be giving all that attention a narcissist wants, because soon, whether you realize it or not he/she is only gonna want you for himself,oh and to actually answer your question, yes, i think that that was the last time you might have herd of him/her, because narcissist have a lot of pride and they are not gonna just let it go,but don't feel bad and get on with your life......luck:)

Is Adele married or in a relationship?

If you have listened to her latest album, it is all about her latest breakup. Because it was a very hard time for her. So I'm assuming she isn't in a relationship because of the really hard breakup.

Can someone be a narcissist in training so to speak where they definitely have narcissistic traits but not full-blown narcissism and if so can they change?

They can be a developing narcissist. NO. they can NOT change. Sorry. Run while you can!

What song has the lyrics i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter?

In the end by Linkin Park

Can a narcissist show appreciation?

A narcissist cannot show appreciation. A narcissist is a person who looks at themselves as higher than others, or believing they can do any task better than others, so for a narcissist to show appreciation would be very odd.

If a narcissist marries someone with Borderline Personality Disorder do they have a better chance of making the marriage work longterm?

In my humble opinion, they have no chance of any meaningful relationship because of the inability to love. This is a very difficult combination; the borderline will have a deep fear of rejection and so does the narcissist. The Narcissist is likely to lie and cheat which compounds the Borerlines fear of rejection, the lack of empathy from the narcissist replays the early injuries to the Borderline. There is a very good book. The Narcissistic/Borderline Couple - A Psychoanalytic Perspective on marital treatment.

Do narcissists or people with PDs try to rekindle relationships even if they've been dumped?

A "true" narcissist will always, without fail, attempt to hang onto any relationship in which the narcissist gains "narcissistic supply." A "true" narcissist will not be deterred! They will do what it takes, say what it takes and follow-up with whatever actions are necessary to hang onto narcissistic supply. They will attempt to rekindle the broken relationship because they do not accept the fact that the relationship is over. If you respond in any calls, text messages, letters...etc...the narcissist accepts this as proof that he still holds some interest in your life. He will remain relentless in his attempt to gain any attention whatsoever from his! You may find it flattering that someone seems so attached to you that they will do anything to keep you around, but just know that you are not a human being in the sense that we are human beings. People, to the "true" narcissist", are simply objects in which to gain the attention they so desperately crave. If you can accept that fact (and it is a fact) feel free to continue a relationship with a narcissist. However, if you ever wish to have a meaningful and intimate relationship, you should search out and find a healthy human being. The narcissist will always be a narcissist and there is nothing in the world that will change that fact. Nothing! It is unfortunate because, generally speaking, narcissists are talented, charming and successful people. They simply do not possess empathy or compassion for any human on the planet. Those emotions are not present in the narcissist nor will they ever become present. The part of the psychological make up found in normal-healthy minds is absolutely missing in the narcissist. EXAMPLE: If a person were born without legs, that person could have artificial legs attached. However, the artificial legs will never "grow" naturally. A person born without empathy or the capacity to love does have the ability to observe the behaviors of others who feel empathy and love. The narcissist can learn to mimick the behaviors of empathy and love. The narcissist will never have the ability to "grow" feelings of empathy or love. That simple!

Can the narcissist ever become himself and he is a narcissist and so is his mother he seems to look to her for acceptance can he change if she accepts him?

I don't think so. How can change occur in narcissist whose mother is a narcissist as well, even if she accepts him? The very sickness comes from that lack of emotional support given by the mother at the most crucial time, birth. My mother in law has damaged my husband so much that because he is a product of his environment, he had dished out his madness upon me and his children. Sadly, I am the one who had the mental breakdown and has suffered so much. Is there really help for a narcissist?