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They leave without feeling anything. most likely they already have an auxiliary supply ready to tap in to (the next sucker). People are objects to a narcissist, so to them it is like buying a new cell phone and throwing the old one in a junk drawer and forgetting about it.

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Q: What dos a narcissist do when he ends the relationship?
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Relationship with narcissist?

Definitely not worth it.

Can a Narcissist and psychopath have a lasting relationship?

Not a healthy relationship.. that's for sure

How can you have a relationship with a narcissist without feeling abused?

. You couldn't (improve on last answer, or have a relationship with a Narcissist without feeling abused).You cannot have a relationship with an abuser without feeling abused.

What is the likely behavior of the narcissist when his partner ends the relationship?

1. Try to lure her back in, stalk her, harass her 2. Not care, find a new victim. 3. Experience narcissistic rage.

Who is the best match for a relationship for a narcissist?

someone also obsessed with that person.

What is the average length of a relationship for a narcissist?

Welll that depends how long this person lives. AS they are always in a relationship with themself

Can you have a long term relationship with a narcissist?

People have long-term relationships with all sorts of people. Having a long-term relationship with a narcissist may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is possible to do so.

Can relationship make you a narcissist?

not so much a narcissist but for sure you will notice in hindsight that you were beginning to act like those morons do.......a co-dependent

What kind of relationship can a narcissist stay in?

A relationship where he rules supreme and the other half feels depressed, devalued, and confused.

What happens to a narcissist when you want to leave the relationship and he is not ready to end it?

He blames you for all that is wrong

Why would someone feel paranoid after their relationship with a narcissist?

The paranoid feeling is a symptom of PTSD.

Why do you grieve so much now that your narcissist father has died?

You grieve for the relationship you SHOULD have had.

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