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Why is it so important not to pollute your oceans and waterways?


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Because of the pollution we are throwing in to the water. The water is getting contaminated. So if you drink the water you could get very sick and maybe die. And it kills our food. It kills our fish and other aquatic animals. And if a cow or something else were to drink it would die too. And if the animals are all gone what will we eat? And if farmers put nitrogen chemicals on their crops, the runoff will run into rivers and then into oceans/lakes. The chemicals also will percolate (seep) into the ground and go into underground aquiffers. Farmers should just put cow manure on plants because cow manure has lots of nitrogen in it.


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Bio fuels are so important because they help the economy. It doesn't pollute the air and it helps get rid of waste.

Since mercury is so heavy it falls out of the air. Landing on the ground (and water) and getting washed into our waterways and oceans.

It moves carbon from the atmosphere and oceans into organisms and back again to the atmosphere and oceans.

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It is important to not pollute because this is the water that we drink. Also animals in lakes,rivers,ocean could die by polluted water. Some People don't even realize that they are polluting water. SO help the Community by not wasting and polluting water.

Earth Oceans are so important is because life depends on 2 basic things water and air Without these 2 important things we cannot survive Now Oceans covers 3 parts and earth cover only one part of this planet. And when the final call comes from the Skies these oceans will destroy each and every thing on this planet.

The reefs die and that is bad so don't pollute!!

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The study of the oceans is important because humans, as well as plants and animals, depend on the oceans for so much. In fact, we couldn't survive without them. They are our source of water, food as well many natural resources.

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We have a lot of Water because we are touching all of the oceans and have 5 great lakes. And because we don't pollute it like in America. Canada is the cleanest Country.

The waterways connected settlements, distributed goods and people throughout the area. Because of this, control over a significant waterway increased the colonial power's economic and military strength .

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The question does not make sense as posed. Islam is a religion, not a place, and so does not own or possess waterways.

People can benefit from clean waterways is that they can help to clean out the water so it can be clean!

It could mean either of two very important things, depending on whether it refers to "fresh water" or to "all water."We shouldn't waste or pollute the very small portion of Earth's water that is fresh water: we use that water to drink, and to grow and process food. If we pollute our water, or use it unwisely, there will not be enough water for all of the things we need it for.We also should not pollute or damage the Earth's oceans, because human existence is based on a complete ecosystem, including oceans, as well as the water cycle. Marine plants still produce the majority of Earth's oxygen.

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