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Men are so complex at times. My husband will give me some compliments, but sometimes I feel he doesn't see all the things I really do for him. When his male or female friends talk to me I am always in awe that my husband talks very highly about me. It doesn't really matter if he tells you although it's always nice to hear. Many men just assume you know that they think highly about you. Consider yourself lucky and take the compliments with grace. If he is telling his friends about problems you may have together that's entirely a different story and he has no right to do this. Both of you should be communicating with each other. If this is the case then have a little chat with him and tell him that you don't appreciate it and that your lives together are private and mature people discuss their problems with each other. Marcy

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Q: Why is it that a guy tells his friends everything he wants to say about you but keeps quiet in your presence?
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