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if the car was involved in a front end collision the bumper guard could have been pushed back enough to block them from going down. My headlights were in such a way they would go up but not down - had to remove the bumper guard and then straighten out the frame a little for em to work

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โˆ™ 2006-05-27 05:21:20
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Q: Why is it that both of your headlights wont go down even though the fuses are ok and they do go up?
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Why would the instrument panel lights not work even though the headlights are working on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

make sure your dimmer switch isn't turned all the way down. Then check the fuses next.

Why won't the headlights close down on a 98 Pontiac Firebird?

This happened to me also. My problem was the plastic gear inside the motor had broken teeth. I bought brass gears and had both gears replaced. You may have blown a fuse also. The fuses are located under the hood on the drivers side. The owners manel or fuse panel will tell you the location of the fuses.

Where on a 1991 ford probe lx would the switch to put the headlights up and down be?

The headlights go up and down when you turn the headlights on. If they are not going up or down they may be disconnected from the motor. You would have to take the headlights out to see if they are disconnected or not.

1993 Mazda miata headlights work out of sync 1 up 1 down?

Set the headlights so that they both should be down. Open the hood, and find the fuses. Pull out the one that is for the headlights(Refer to Owner's Manual if you don't know which one it is). Now behind the headlight that is still up there is a post with a rubber cover. Pull off this cover, and there should be a red knob. This is how to hand crank the headlights. Turn this knob until the headlight is in the down position. Then replace the rubber cover, and the fuse. This is also a good way to free headlights that have frozen in place, if you live in a colder region. (I actually own a 1990, but since the Miata remained virtually unchanged from 1990 to 1997, this should still work.)

Why are your tail lights not working but your headlights are on a ford bronco 2?

Two different circuits, altogether. Could be a faulty switch, short in the wiring, might even just come down to fuses.

What should you do to avoid overdriving your headlights?

slow down!!

Is Juan gotti in a gang?

No. He is not a norteno or a sureno, but he is down with both raza's though.

Where is the fuse for headlights 1979 Cadillac DeVille?

there is no fuse for the headlights. Could be many reasons. Start with the fusible links down by the starter.

Why won't headlight on 1971 corvette go down?

underneath the steering column should be a knob that goes vertically up and down, if its down then the headlights will stay up by shutting the vacuum and if its up then the headlights will go down automatically when the light knob is pushed in.

If the headlights on a 1990 Toyota Celica will not come up when switched on but when wound up manually they switch off and pop down fine what could be wrong?

Sounds like the motors are not getting power. So try checking the fuses, then the wire and then the switch itself.

Where and how many fuses does a 1450 cub cadet have?

2 fuses. Located to the left of the headlight switch. Down by where you turn the key.

Where can you find a list for the fuses for a 1987 Chevy Celebrity without a manuel?

Most auto supply stores can help you with a list of the fuses you need. If not, a Chevy dealer will. == == == == == == The fuse box can be pulled down, there is a handle at the back of it, pull forward and down, fuses are marked for what they are.

Where are fuses located in 1994 Suburban?

they are on the drivers down by the steering colum

Should your speed in a vehicle decrease when using your headlights?

Well it depends if you're having the old cars it is probably going to go down in speed when you turn the headlights on. If you have models 3 years or less it wouldn't slow down.

How do you adjust 2001 Toyota Tacoma headlights?

If your looking down at your headlights there will be a a screw on the bottom left of the headlight. It should be a 4mm. Counter clockwise will lower them and clockwise with raise them

What do you do to avoid over driving your highlights?

Slow down! That's the easiest answer. Make sure your headlights are clean of dirt, debris, and bugs. Take your car to an auto repair place if you want to properly align your headlights, which maximizes the distance you can see. Also replacing your headlights with Xenon headlights will increase your visibility.

How do you get the headlights down on a 96 stealth?

There is an adjuster which takes a 8 prong or a socket to turn up and down and there is another on the side

Where are Fuses for lights on Peugeot 106?

All the fuses are located to the side of the steering wheel. Remove flip down panel and search for the fuse using the fuse diagram located on the back of the flip down panel.

Low beam headlights must project feet down the road?

50 feet

Should high-beam headlights be used and foggy conditions?

No. Either use your regular headlights since they help other drivers see you. Also, slow down.

Headlights wont go down in your 86 Honda Prelude SI?

Check the button on the right side of the gauge cluster, if that still does not fix the problem check the relays under the hood marked "right retractor motor" and "left retractor motor". There are also fuses for the motors underneath the dash.

Where are the fuses on a VW 1990 Golf?

I have found them myself ... my car is a right-hand drive car and the fuses are on the left-hand side, under the dashboard with a protective panel that opens down (protects the fuses from your feet etc)

Can you control 96 firebird headlights from going up and down up and down with out stopping when lights are turned on?

Sure! There's a fuse box under the hood, opposite side of the battery. There are two fuses, one for each light, I believe 10Amp... just pull them. There should be a diagram on the lid of the fuse panel that will tell you which ones are for the headlight motors. good luck

Head Lights won't trun on 1983 Honda Accord All other lights on. Brake and tail lights on. No head lights for night driving. What fuse is it?

if you look under the right side...fuse panel, open and pull down the plastic flap...fuses are clearly marked...but it is more likely the muti fuction switch the one you use for headlights ,turn signals,etc...inside the steering column if you look under the right side...fuse panel, open and pull down the plastic flap...fuses are clearly marked...but it is more likely the muti fuction switch the one you use for headlights ,turn signals,etc...inside the steering column

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