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Because mainly the guy that is joking that another guy likes a girl is feeling insecure about the love in his life and if he doesnt have one, the fact that he doesnt have one means that if someone else is suffering in love then he wont feel so bad about his problems.

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Which type of boys do a girl like when she tells lots of boys that she likes them as a joke and expresses her emotions out loud such as who she likes?

I am a girl and I do this all the time. I tell random guys that I am in love with them as a joke (but sometimes I have alittle crush on them) And yet I tell everyone who I like. It matters who the girl is. You can't really tell unless the type of boys she says she likes as a joke are all the same type of guys.

What does Jacob latimore like in a girl?

jacob latimore likes A girl thats like him for who he is. likes to have fun and sometimes joke around.

Signs that mean a girl likes you?

When a girl likes you she'll flirt with you. For example she's constantly looking for you or email/txt/calling you. She will give you hints like talking about boys and what she likes in them. She joke around with you.

Does a guy not wanting to have a relationship with a girl if he doesn't know her but he likes her?

because guys are silly , they dont know how to tell a girl they like her , instead of telling a gilr they joke and play around to give you a hint or they dont know if you like thme back

How do know if a girl likes you?

well if a girl likes you they will try to be around you or most commonly flirt with you. when i like a guy i usually smile a lot when i talk to them or joke around a little.

Questoins to ask a guy?

The same as you would a girl, but we guys prefer a joke unless they are the stern type!

If a girl likes you will she smille when she looks at you?

yes, she will totally smile at you. she will also laugh at every joke you make.

How d you know when a girl likes you?

That's easy! Ok # 1. she is only nice to you and treats you differently than other guys # 2. She stares at you in the middles of class 24/7 # 3. she laughs at all your joke...even the stupid 1s....i no this cause i am a girl.

What kind of joke do you tell a girl that you like?

if a girl likes you u can tell her almost any joke just make sure its not a mean one aganst any 1 then she might think ur mean

What do you do to ask a boy out?

You find out what he likes, then when you get enough info enought to talk about that, go and make social talk about that something he likes. Make a joke that he might find quite funny and make friends with him. Guys like girls that are not all about themselves and have the girl next door quality. good luck!

What should you do if you are shy about telling your crush you like her?

Ask her if she likes someone, that is a beginning and if she says 'yes' ask for a random hint. If she says 'no' than make a joke like 'what about us dating' a joke that is YOU. But I think as a girl that a guy has to take the first move. And if you guys talk a lot by text or whats app you can have this talk there.

Is the rebecca black song a joke?

No, it is not. This girl just really likes to sing. She wanted to do her own music video, and wa-la, 'Friday' goes viral. She did not intend it as a joke.

If a guy admits he likes another girl as a joke and then he flirts with her at school and he used to like you and he sees you jealous and makes you laugh does he still like me.no rude answers?

Yes he does still have feelings for you! He just sees another girl he likes to! Try to ask him if he still likes you! And if he says no! Still be friends! No hard feelings! But if he says yes ask him to a date or something! Then mabey you guys could start dating!

How do guys act around the girl they like?

Weird. You can see them looking at you, joke around you, or even avoid you. something like that.

What if a girl likes a boy what she suspose to do?

tell him that she likes the boy and if the boy disagrees, then try to come back with a funny joke. If he agrees, then just go on and eventually ask you out.

What does it mean when a boy says he likes another girl and then wink at you?

that means that he is lying and he really likes you but he dosent want to admit it. or he is winking at you as a joke. maby you should get one of his good friends to ask him if he likes you

What you should do when you made a mistake when a girl likes you?

Just try to laugh it off or make a joke of it. It will eventually be "Dust in the wind."

What do guys see in girls?

Guys like it when your not fake. They will like you if you ALWAYS think positive and not always negative. Guys like funny girls and girls who can take a joke. And if a guy REALLY likes you, he will stick through with you no matter how hard the situation is. ♥

How do you flirt with a girl and let her know you like her?

1. Girls LOVE funny guys so start flirting and tell her a joke

How can you tell if a guy is straight acting and likes you?

you know because guys joke around a lot more then girls and if a guy likes you, you know because they will laugh at ur jokes or the way the guy acts around you

What are some obvious and or non-obvious signs that an eighth grade girl like you?

If an eight grade girl likes you she will joke around with you, and she will text message you or snapchat you.

When a guy plays a joke on you that he likes does it means he likes you?

not exactly...it could mean that he wants to see the different reactions towards people and the joke. but if he is constantl flirting it could means he likes you.

What if a girl gives you a flower?

Usually that is not a joke (but you never know), it means she likes you. Apparently she sent you many signals that you did not notice, so she decided to maybe embarass herself to make you understand that she likes you.

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