Why is it that when the evil shadow appears it feels like your body is bound or frozen?

===new answer=== That particular demon is following whoever it is that sees and feels it. It is looking for a way into the body. Getting high or drunk, having sex with someone you're not married to, watching pornography, all are ways that the demon can enter. The demon must be bound and cast away. This can only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Typical preachers attempt to do this, but usually the demon will afflict someone close, like a child of the person, instead. That's because it is not done correctly. Fear. Fear feeds your "evil shadow", which is actually a demon. If you are experiencing these things you need to find a priest. ANSWER: This has actually happened to both myself and my wife in the same night. We were sleeping at our family farm one night and something like a shadow jumped up from the foot of the bed and hopped on my chest. It swung its head down at me face or neck as if it were trying to bite me but didn't actually make contact. I was terrified and had a difficult time breathing but I had to remain motionless. I have witnessed many paranormal thing in the past and for some reason simply lost all fear. At this point I was still paralyzed but looked righ at it and could barely say, "Show her." Meaning my wife who was sleeping right next to me. It left me and I returned back to sleep. I know what you're thinking. If this is true how the hell did you get back to sleep. Not real sure but I did fairly easily. The next morning we both woke early and I asked her,"did you have weird dreams?" She immediately broke into the very same description that I just gave. She too returned back to sleep after the incident. Unfortunately I don't think any human has the real answer to "why" but after researching it I have found MANY other reports from people in far away cities that I don't know with remarkably similar stories.