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I don't know if you enjoy the fact he is in love with you or you're simply experimenting with his feelings. People (whether they admit it or not) crave affection and loving care. Most don't want to be alone, but an instict to share their inner thoughts of their hopes and dreams with someone special. To me this is sacred ground and no one has the right to play around with it. If you romance your b/f then it's obvious to say that he could well fall in love with you and if you didn't want this then quit playing head games! When in doubt put yourself in their shoes.

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How do you create bad romance?

fall in love with anyones boyfriend or abe lincoln

Can you love your boyfrined's best friend?

Of corse not! If you want that, dump your current boyfriend. If you had romance with both, that would be cheating on your boyfriend! Rosie

Does ponyboy fall in love in the outsiders?

It is speculated that he has a crush on Cherry Valance, but he has no serious romance in the book.

What are some romance movies to watch with your boyfriend?

Some romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend may include Ghost, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You and Shakspeare in Love. It all depends on your specific taste.

Does Samantha Armytage have a boyfriend for real?

I don't know because I don't know anything about her, life and her romance/love life.

Words that begin with H and mean love and romance?

Heartfelt means love and romance. The nickname Honey means love and romance.

What do you mean by romance?

romance is kissing and making love that is what romance is .

What is an I love you will?

love is romance

Does your boyfriend still love you like he said he did?

If you dont think he does, sit him down for a serious conversation and ask him

How Norwegian love a woman?

Norwegian romance and love is just like romance and love everywhere else.

Can you have a boyfriend at 10?

Yes you can have a boyfriend but it will not be serious at that age because you haven't hit puberty yet so don't expect too much once your in grade seven then things get serious. Answer Sure you can but it should be innocent puppy love.

How can you teel if your boyfriend is serious to you?

if he do one thing that will make me believe that he really love me despite of my defect or something unusual....

What is different between love and romance?

The difference is love is you actually LOVE someone and romance is just any old date.

What should be in a romance film?

Love, romance, kissing, hugging.

How do you say i love romance in spanish?

amo el romance

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend holds your hand?

It means that hes gonna love you forever n ever and its getting serious.;]

What is a synonym for romance?


What is the mood for where is the love?


How do you get someones boyfriend in love with you?

It not right to date someone elses bf.But if you really are serious act like the girl hes dating.

Is chivalry the same as romance?

No! Romance has to do with love, chivalry has to do with how a man treats a lady.

What is meant by a chemical romance?

Chemical romance is referring to love being like a drug, you have to have it. There are several ways to interrupt chemical romance it can be a good addiction or a bad addiction to love.

What is you love your boyfriend in french?

You love your boyfriend - vous aimez votre petit ami I love my boyfriend - J'aime mon copain

Define the word Romance?

=love. :)=

What do you think is romance?

True love.

What is the different between love and romance?

Romance buys red roses. Love plants, weeds and grows red rose bushes.

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