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The sounds of the word ketchup and catsup are English approximations of the words for fish sauce or other spicy sauces from Asia. Since there is no standard, or rather there are several ways, to turn these word into English the word was spelled as the user thought best and which looked best on products they manufactured.

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How do you spell catsup?

ketchup Both spellings are considered correct - Ketchup or Catsup

What is the difference between ketchup catsup?

Ketchup is. Scorched and catsup is not. It actually was an accident

What country does the word catsup originate from?

Catsup (or ketchup) is derived from the Chinese language.

How do you spell ketchup?

That is the correct spelling of "ketchup" (tomato condiment), also spelled catsup.

Why do some people spell ketchup and others spell ketchup?

catsup is American and ketchup(the correct spelling) is Canadian

What is and cat?

Do you mean is just a variant of the word Ketchup

What are the ingredients of ketchup?

Catsup/ketchup cooked and strained tomato sauce, vinegar , sugar,salt , onion or garlic flavors, and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, mace, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, and cayenne those are all the ingredients for catsup/ketchup!!!

Is ketchup a color?

Ketchup (or catsup) is red colored because it is made of tomatoes. There is a comic book character named "Red Ketchup".

What medical purpose does catsup have?

Ketchup ("Catsup") has been found to be a beneficial source of lycopene, an antioxidant preventing cancer...

What is the correct spelling of ketchup?

The spelling ketchup is a correct spelling, and another frequent name is catsup.(they are the same condiment)

What is cat and sop?

Do you mean is just a variant of the word Ketchup

Does ketchup spoil?

Yes. Ketchup (aka catsup or catchup) can spoil. It can oxidize and undergo flavor and color changes that are not desirable.

What is ketchup?

Ketchup (also spelled Catsup or Catchup), also known as tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, or red sauce is a condiment, usually made from tomatoes.

Who invented catchupa?

If you are talking about ketchup (or catsup), Henry John Heinz invented it.

What you might pour this red liquid on a hot dog or hamburger?

Catsup, ketchup

What is the origin of ketchup?

Is American and is used by the English.Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese and Malaysians used the brine from pickled fish as dipping sauces. It was called kachiap. In the 1600s, wealthy people in Britain began to use the brine from pickled walnuts and mushrooms, and they called it catsup. Then colonists settling in America brought the catsup with them, and the modern ketchup we know today, with tomatoes, became popular in the 1870s in the US. In the 1830s ketchup had been sold in the US as a medicine!

When did ketchup first appear?

The term "ketchup," also called "catsup," began in early days as a general term for "sauce." The first actual ketchup recipe using tomatoes dates back to around 1801. Ketchup as we know it today has been around since the early part of the 20th century.

What could happen to you if you eat a lot of ketchup?

There's nothing in catsup (ketchup) that is harmful. It's composed primarily of tomatoes, which are nutritious, and some spices.

Who made the first banana ketchup and the pineapple vinegar?

UFC Banana Catsup form the Philippines

Is there a difference between ketchup and catsup?

No, not in the actual condiment. The two versions are merely alternate Westernized spellings of the original fish-based Chinese sauce that ketchup hails from. This proto-ketchup became popular among Western traders in the late 17th century.As it gained traction in Europe, the sauce went through many incarnations (including a walnut-based version) before settling on the tomato goop we know and love. That’s why it says “tomato ketchup” on some bottles—it seems redundant today, but that’s only because no one goes around asking for walnut ketchup anymore.“Ketchup” is the more popular spelling, and it became so in the mid to late 20th century. Heinz was an early “ketchup” adopter, and other big brands switched over as it gained more market share. But either spelling is technically acceptable—for example, the USDA exclusively uses “catsup.”

How do you spell catchup?

The spelling of the tomato condiment may be ketchup or catsup.The term "catch up" is two words.

What is the standard English spelling of the American word ketchup?

"Catsup" is used primarily in the southern states in the USA, with "ketchup" being used almost exclusively in the rest of the country and through the world.

What lagunage does keochup?

Ketchup is the dominant term in American English and Canadian English with "catsup" being the prominent term in some southern US states. In these dialects, tomato sauce refers to pasta sauce, and is not a synonym for ketchup.

How do you spell keptup?

The two-word phrase "kept up" means maintained pace, status, or performance.The word for a tomato condiment is ketchup, or catsup.

What condiment has the word cat in it?

A condiment which includes the letters 'cat' in its name is catsup, or catchup, a term sometimes used in US English as an alternative to 'ketchup'.