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Why is my 1995 Grand Prix Se no longer starting will start every once in awhile then die and not start again clicks wont turn over not the starter had checked and not battery HELP a single mom please?

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2010-05-28 17:58:53

OK, so you're engine won't turn over right? It just clicks. This

is a sign of low or no power getting to the starter. The usual

cause is bad/dirty battery cables or connections. My first GUESS

would be at the starter. I'd clean them all to be sure. Both at the

battery and the starter.

********I have a '94 grand prix that just started doing

something similar. Most likely a battery/power issue, what you need

to do is have someone check and see (when the car is started) if

the battery is getting charged by the alternator. (of course after

you check battery terminals for corrosion because a bad connection

could explain why it sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't) If the

terminals are clean there probably is an issue with the battery not

charging causing the clicking sound usually caused by low/no power

from the battery, also try checking if the battery is bad... might

be time for a new battery because it might not be holding a charge

all together.******

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