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OK, so you're engine won't turn over right? It just clicks. This is a sign of low or no power getting to the starter. The usual cause is bad/dirty battery cables or connections. My first GUESS would be at the starter. I'd clean them all to be sure. Both at the battery and the starter.

********I have a '94 grand prix that just started doing something similar. Most likely a battery/power issue, what you need to do is have someone check and see (when the car is started) if the battery is getting charged by the alternator. (of course after you check battery terminals for corrosion because a bad connection could explain why it sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't) If the terminals are clean there probably is an issue with the battery not charging causing the clicking sound usually caused by low/no power from the battery, also try checking if the battery is bad... might be time for a new battery because it might not be holding a charge all together.******

2010-05-28 17:58:53
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Q: Why is my 1995 Grand Prix Se no longer starting will start every once in awhile then die and not start again clicks wont turn over not the starter had checked and not battery HELP a single mom please?
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Will a bad starter drain your battery in your suburban?

I have heard the alternator does it,cold drains the battery too,if it's not started for awhile can kill it.

1996 Chevy 2500 truck 5.7 engine starts fine after running for a while but it sometimes doesn't want to start after sitting it is getting fuel but doesn't seem to be getting fire?

Check the battery mine 1995 Z71 did the same thing changed starter still did same thing finally was told to check the battery after it sets awhile battery does not have enough juice too kick the starter in I had battery checked sure enough on cell on battery was dead bought new one not a problem since.

Why does the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R won't crank after riden awhile?

I've come to the conclusion that the starter gets too hot.. try getting a gel battery they have true cranking amps alot better

What is wrong when 1989 crown Victoria Car starts and runs turn it off starter drags until it sets awhile?

Most likely the starter should be replaced. When it heats up, it will turn the engine with a lot of strain. like the battery is low. When it cools down, it will turn freely.

Why does your 1994 Chrysler New Yorker LHS not start every time it sits for awhile?

Is it a problem of the battery goes dead or does it crank but not catch? If the battery is going dead over time perhaps you need to check the battery and/or alternator. If it's cranking but not starting, check the computer codes.

1988 Buick Century good battery starter will start sometimes but every once in awhile has no power no headlights nothing an hour later you can go out and it will start right up am looking for a cause?

Any time you have no power to the headlamps I would concentrate on a bad battery cable or ground cable or battery connection. It works now once in a while, but if you don't get it taken care of, it will soon fail totally. Trace and clean all connections starting from the battery back thru all connections and DON'T skip any that "look good".

Your 1995 Jeep Wrangler has been sitting for a while and will not start a you thought it was the battery so jumped it and found it takes a charge and all electrical comes on but it won't turn over?

Take the battery to an auto parts store and have it load tested. If it checks ok, then clean and take a close look at all connections. If it still will not start, suspect the starter or starter relay. cheaper yet, give the starter a solid whack a couple times and then try and start it, sometimes they "set up" after sitting awhile.

98 Chevy Malibu that starts the first time every time but takes awhile you can hear the starter but sometimes it takes 5 seconds to start What is the problem?

could be a weak battery, not turning engine fast enough at startup. check battery voltage should be approx. 12.5 volts when not running.about 14.0 when running.

2002 Impala does not start at times Battery and starter ok Happens sometimes one week or 2 weeks before it does not start Usually happens after driving around awhile After 5 minutes it will start.?

Probably a bad spot on the stater or the solenid

Why would a car start when cold but not start and cranks only after it's been driven awhile?

I'm not sure I understand the question but I do know this. If your car will start when it is cold, yet after driving it for awhile, you shut it off and then go to restart it and it wont start you need to have your starter and starter solenoid checked. Its happenened to me on 2 different cars. It seems that when the starter gets to hot it just jams up or freezes up and won't crank over the engine. Yet if the car sits for a little while it cools down and then seems to work just fine. Its defineately a sign that your starter and/or solenoid is about to die. Pull it out and have it checked.(auto zone will do it for free, its called a load test) There's a good chance that's your problem, if I understood the problem correctly. Good Luck, hope this helps. Mark H.

What causes your car to start after you try starting it for awhile?

bad switch.

What could cause a 1990 Firebird to not charge when the NEW alternator checks out to be working just fine?

If the alternator tests good then it might not be a charge problem. Does it do it after you run it awhile? If so you might consider changing the starter. My 92 had a high priced starter on it and anytime you drove more than about 5 miles the battery acted like it was dead. It ended up the starter was getting hot and not turning over right.

Why do when your car sit it starts right up and after it runs for awhile it wont start like the starter is bad or something?

"hot start" issue. Could be the solenoid, or starter itself.

How many members in the Indiana State House of Representatives?

there are nine members last time i checked. if there are more now that's becuz i checked awhile ago. hope i helped though :)

What should you do if your camera is frozen and wont do anything?

You should take the battery out and let it sit for awhile.

Why is the voltage on the battery different than then the measurement on the multimeter?

Because the original voltage of the battery weakens over time after using it for awhile making the voltage less then the original amount stated on the battery.

You have a 88 YJ and the relay on the sidewall near the firewall is clicking and once and awhile it wont start not even a click of the starter what could it be and why is the relay clicking?

try haveing the relay/solinoid checked. mostly i think you may need to replace the relay. the relay clicking usually is a sign its dieing.

Why will 84 cj7 start and run fine for awhile then cut out and cranks but does not turn over until cooled down?

check ur starter the internal metal brushed might be swelling up and stoping it from starting i had that happen on my old ford when oil driped in to the starter and when i would stop after the car was warm it would cut off and wouldn't start until the starter cooled when i replaced it, it never happened again.

2002 Camry 4 cylinder-why ruff idle-500 RPM- after new battery installed?

the ecu is reset when you disconnect the battery. after driving for awhile or letting the car idle in drive, your problem should be solved. the ecu is reset when you disconnect the battery. after driving for awhile or letting the car idle in drive, your problem should be solved.

When you turn your key to start your car you get an electical short sound checked the battery volts and that is fine?

If the sound is like a brief crackle (for lack of a better description) but the car will not start and your battery checks out fine, loosen and jiggle your terminals (please be careful) and try to start it again. You may even try jumping the vehicle. If that doesn't work, locate the starter, take a wrench and bang on it, no lie, don't "beat it" just bang on it. It may have enough life in it to last awhile longer and the thumping may get it going again. Do not hit any other wires or you're in for a rude awakening! If you get the same noise and no better result, chances are you've got a bad starter on your hands.

Why would your van not start and make clicking noise took a jump ran for awhile and stopped running?

Bad battery, corroded battery connectors, weak charging system.

Why does your starter relay stick on 1988 ford f150?

I have changed the starter relay at least 10 times. FinaLLY CHANGED THE STARTER> WORKED FOR AWHILE then the relay started sticking again and burned up another starter. First I thought it was residual magnetism keeping the coil in the relay energized. Then, contacted car quest about possible bad relays. Disconnected all voltage from relay, ignition and battery. The contacts were still in the closed position energizing the starter when positive from the battery was connected to the relay, no voltage from ignition, wire off. I suspect now the starter is pulling so much current it is melting the contacts together . So far I have not came up with a solution. Driving me nuts!!! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting change. Sounds like you need a professional diagnosis.

Why won't a 1998 Ford Contour 4 cylinder start and the battery light comes on after the alternator was replaced?

It could be that your battery is not getting charged by the alternator, which would be either a dead battery, a bad alternator, or a wiring issue. I'd get it checked at an actual automotive electical specialist, not at an auto parts store or a Wal-Mart-ish place. -or- Try jump starting the battery and letting it run for awhile (15-20 mins). Turn the car off then see if it starts. Did you buy the alternator new or get it at a junk yard? If new then it's probably the battery, which you can easily replace. If the alternator was bought second hand go get another one. If that doen't work then try the new battery thing. If neither of these things work, then you might consider taking it to a repair shop. If you need a specialist they will tell you, but chances are they can fix whatever problem you're having.

How can the clock be de-activated in a 1988 Lincoln Town Car Clock drains battery when car not driven for awhile?

Easyer to just disconnect battery for the time the car is sitting up.

I have a 1995 Chevy S10 with a 4.3 V6 Why does my head lights start to go out after I drive for awhile?

alternator is going bad take to parts store and get checked