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Why is my Brake fluid connection leaking on 1993 topaz?

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Loose connection?

Stripped fitting (cross threaded or overtightened)

Broken brake line?

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1993 Merc Topaz why are you getting Brake fluid to two wheels and not the other two?

Check the master cylinder first.

Diagram of brake lines on 1993 topaz?

need diagram of rear brake lines for 1993 mercury topaz

How do you reset the brake warning light on a 93 topaz?

Make sue brake fluid reservoir at top of master cylinder is filled to proper levelMake sure parking brake is fully releasedAnswerMake sue brake fluid reservoir at top of master cylinder is filled to proper level Make sure parking brake is fully released

How do you replace the brake pads on a 93 Topaz or Tempo?

take it to a dealer

What fuse controls the brake lights on an 1993 topaz?

there is a brake light fuse in the pannel you just need to look for it.

If a 1994 Topaz V-6 automatic just recently had the pan gasket and filter changed but is still leaking transmission fluid where else could it be leaking from?

try the cool line fitting from the radiator to the transmission i just had that problem on a 1994 mercury Sometimes you can leak out of the tailhousing of your transmission if the housing seal is slightly damaged

Where is the brake release for a 1994 Mercury Topaz?

your question is a little vague. If you are refering to the parking brake, if it is a pedal style brake, once it's set, you push down on it again to release.

How do you replace brake calipers on 1992 Mercury Topaz?

After the tire has been removed, this process is rather simple. You need to remove the hoses feeding brake fluid to the caliper. You will also need a hex key to remove the two to four bolts holding the caliper on. Once this is done, attach the hoses and/or lines to the new caliper, put the brake pads back on, slide over the rotor, and reattach with the two hex bolts. Be sure to add enough fluid and bleed the brake system before driving.

Passengerside Brake line diagram for a 91 mercury topaz?

If you are replacing the brake lines ( metal ) then just use your better judgment. They do not have to follow the original route.

What kind of automatic transmission fluid for 1987 Mercury Topaz?

Dexron 3 will do just fine.

Where do you drain power steering fluid on a 1991 Mercury Topaz?

you could use a turkey baster

How do you check for a vacuum hose leak in a 1994 Mercury Topaz?

Do this OUTSIDE and be very careful!!! With the engine running, spray a litle starting fluid on vacuum lines that you suspect of leaking. Use short shots and don't let the fumes build up. That stuff is very flamable and is very dangerous if you get too much built up around a spark. Spray it on potential vacuum leaks and when you hit the place that IS leaking, the engine will speed up and/or run differently. Don't forget to check the vacuum assist brake and the intake manifold gaskets. But again, don't let the fumes build up. Use carb cleaner instead of starting fluid. It is not as volatile.

What are the release dates for Knight Rider - 1982 The Topaz Connection 1-16?

Knight Rider - 1982 The Topaz Connection 1-16 was released on: USA: 28 January 1983 Finland: 1 March 1984 West Germany: 1 October 1985

How many different types of topaz are there?

There are white topaz,anastasia topaz,automn topaz,golden topaz,rainbow topaz,peacock topaz,green topaz,london blue topaz,blush\pink topaz,garnet.

Where do you put transmission fluid in 1993 Mercury Topaz?

Down same tube that holds trans dipstick.

Your 1994 topaz is leaking oil from the oil breather filter?

You should have a rubber plug that the hose fits into. Go to ford and buy a new one.

How do you fix the rear brake piston on your 1994 Topaz?

Not sure this is on a 94 topaz, they all have drum brakes in the back unless it's been modified. So therefore you might need a new calliper or a wheel cylinder.

What is a Caribbean topaz?

Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.

How do you locate a problem with only one side of brake lights that don't come on topaz?

Try to find out if the car have fuses for left and right brake lights. And did you replace the bulb on the side that is not working?

What is the luster of topaz?

Luster of Topaz is Vitreous

What mountains can you find topaz?

Topaz Mountain is located in Utah (state gem is topaz) and it does have topaz in this mountain

Transmission dipstick in 1992 Mercury topaz?

On my 1993 Topaz, the transmission fluid dipstick is on the right side of the engine, near the front, just to the left of the battery. It looks a lot like the oil dipstick, but, when you pull it out, the writing on the dipstick clearly mentions that the fluid level should be checked when the engine is hot and idling, and that a certain type of Mercury automatic transmission fluid should be used to refill.

How do you install brake shoes on a 1992 Ford Tempo?

An excellent manuael for installing the brake shoes is the Haynes repair manuel for the 1984-1993 Ford Tempo/Topaz. They show a step by step procedure with lots of photographs

There are two levers where the emergency brake on my 1990 merc topaz is any idea what they are for?

Those two levers are to release your seat belt if you are involved in an accident.

What color of topaz can you get?

Topaz is a gemstone of all colors (Orange, yellow, brown, light blue to deep sky-blue, pink, colorless, white, light purple, greenish-blue, green), and its most valuable color is a golden orange-yellow, called "imperial topaz". Topaz is commonly thought of as a sky-blue gem, but it was not until this century that blue topaz became widespread on the gem market. Natural blue topaz with a deep hue is very uncommon in nature; colorless to light hued stones are heat-treated to achieve the blue color. Likewise, topaz rarely occurs naturally in pink; virtually all pink topaz is heat treated from yellow or brownish material. Some topaz from Russian localities are notorious for fading upon prolonged exposure to light. Stones from these localities are undesirable as gems. One should always inquire about the origin of the topaz before buying it to make sure it will not fade. Topaz of all different colors are used in jewelry. The orange, pink, and blue colors are most often cut for gems, and colorless topaz is sometimes cut with the brilliant cut, resembling diamond. Topaz is sometimes found as enormous flawless crystals, and some gigantic gems and faceted spheres have been formed from them, making unique and exquisite gem pieces. Topaz is rarely cut into cabochons.VARIETIESOn the gem market, topaz is usually classified by color. Below is a list of the color names designated for gem topaz:Pink TopazBlue TopazBrown TopazGreen TopazOther names may be designated to certain types of topaz:Precious Topaz - used to distinguish topaz from cheaper fakes, such as citrineImperial Topaz - lustrous orange-yellow to orange-brown variety of topaz (most valued)Silver Topaz - colorless topazSherry Topaz - orange-brown topazLondon Blue Topaz - deep blue topaz (the deepest blue form of topaz)Swiss Blue Topaz - deep blue topaz (not as deep blue as London blue topaz)Paraiba Topaz - sea-green topazFalse names:Smoky Topaz is also a false name for Topaz. It is used by unscrupulous dealers to describe Smoky Quartz.Hyacinth is an orange-yellow to yellow-brown variety of Topaz. Although the name Hyacinth usually is used to describe a gem variety of Zircon of that color, it is occasionally used for Topaz as well (usually in old manuscripts). Pycnite is a columnar variety of Topaz. It may also refer to a yellow-white variety Gold TopazGolden TopazMadeira TopazFalse TopazBrazilian TopazBahia TopazCitrine TopazBrazilian Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireIndian Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireKing Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireOriental Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireSmoky Topaz - unscrupulous name for cut smoky quartzStar Topaz - yellow star sapphireThere is also Mystic topaz, which is not a natural topaz is it made by adding some chemicals on the base on the colorless topaz to make it look colorful and is often cut in concave style to enhance the luster. Note: Citrine (a yellow-brown variety of Quartz) closely resembles yellow-brown Topaz. Unfortunately, unscrupulous dealers have adapted false name for Citrine so the unaware buyer thinks he is buying the more valuable Topaz. Any "Topaz" labeled with a prefix name (such as Gold Topaz, Madeira Topaz, False Topaz, Brazilian Topaz, Bahia Topaz, and Citrine Topaz) is heat-treated Citrine. However, there are three exceptions: