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Why is my b 2000 dying like shutting off a light switch?



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To start does the truck need a tune up?New plugs,wires,cap,rotor button,air filter,pcv valve,fuel filter and oxygen sensor.If any of these have not been done in at least 12-15,000 miles or just old I would recommend it.Now the next things are more timely and costly.Has the egr valve ever been removed and cleaned with carburetor cleaner(located under the carb one vacumm line,one electrical plug).Has the carburetor been cleaned thoroughly with the air cleaner housing removed and lube on the linkage with like liquid wrench especially the choke.Next these trucks have what is known as a exhaust collector connected just below the exhaust manifold before the transmission.If it has not been removed and cleaned it may be blocked with carbon buildup.To clean it requires removing the exhuast manifold and soak it in muratic acid(best way,and USE gloves)the use baking soda to neutralize the acid and then brake cleaner or a air hose to blow out water and let dry.Once clean this will help the engine breathe and biggest cost could be the catalytic convertor is blocked with buildup and you may smell the egg odor if it is going bad or over 60,000 mile or,shows heat marking from getting too hot.Unless any of these do not work your fuel pump maybe the next check due to the psi is too low and the truck cuts off alot,do a psi check with a gauge to see if it is in spec.I would do the extreme tune,cleaning of the above before the fuel pump.That is my suggestion and expect to spend a little maybe 100.00 for the simple tune up stuff,and Definitely clean that egr valve.It has three 10 mm bolts that hold it.Then if none of this help try the exhaust collector cleaning and replace the convertor and even the muffler because it may be blocked up with trash from the convertor.