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He certainly is not smart enough to be able to tell your sex. What he is doing is practicing and getting ready in case a female Betta comes along. It is just a sign that he is in good condition and ready to breed.

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I can assure you the Betta does not think of you as a mate. They are not stupid and do know a female of their own species. Your Betta has simply reached sexual maturity and is building his display home in the hope that if a lady Betta comes along he can convince her to make fertile eggs with him under it.

Usually not... My Betta females don't do it often, but I dont think its a nest like the males will make because its just a few bubbles, but what Ive learned also is that it may be plants from the tank.

Not smart at all to have a boy with a girl betta fish in the same keeper.

you can tell if its a boy or girl by the fins the male Betta has long fins and the female Betta has small fins

you cant put men betta fish with another betta fish cause they will fight till they die so no mabe girl betta fish if they like the men betta fish put not men betta fish only girl good luck

Yes, they are spawning fish. The girl has the eggs and the boy fertilizes them. He will build a bubble nest (bubbles on top of the water) when he sees a girl betta. When they are placed in the tank together she will release the eggs and the boy will fertilize them.

Yes, females do best together in groups of 3 to 5 in a ten gallon or more tank.

A female betta has very small fins with a long body while the male betta have lots of nice flowing fins.

never put a female and a male Betta together. you can only put girl Bettas together

It probably means that your female (girl) Betta is a male that has not yet fully matured.

My Betta fish is a light purple color with blue fins and tale. Is she/he a girl/or boy. (I want to know this because I want to have my male Betta mate with my other batta)

A girl Betta is dull and not as pretty as the male. But, a boy Betta is colorful and pretty to attract the female mate.

No, they are fighting fish. They will kill each other no matter what sex they are.

Yes, until they agree on who is stronger. Once that's settled they're usually fine.

Typically a male betta fish as longer flowing fins than the female

No they don't get pregnant. A female produces eggs, then during mating a male will squeeze those eggs out of the female and fertilise them. The eggs are then put in a bubble nest by the male who cares for them until they hatch.

It's all in the tail. the males is larger and longer and the females is shorter.

You can buy betta fish and just about any pet store. I get mine from PetCo, or Petsmart.

The only way a female betta will lay her eggs is if she is put into a tank with a male betta. They will not get along at first, or that is what it looks like, but the male will wrap himself around the females body and squeeze her until the eggs come out as they fall he will catch them and put them into the bubble-nest he has already made and he will fertilize the eggs at that time after laying the eggs remove the female imediately. Females tend to eat their own eggs

you can tell from the in larged stomach or belly

The male will kill the female after he spawns her. If she won't spawn he will still kill her. No male Betta will allow another Betta (male or female) to live in its vicinity. So the answer is NO.

The adverb form of the word bubble is bubbly.An example sentence is: "She is a very bubbly girl".

I don't think you can, and that game is making my computer slow.Don't let that happen to you.

She betta have dat booty to make up fo it

female betta fish have shorter fins and tails if u go to walmart and ask the for one female betta fish and one male u would see a big difference

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