Why is my server down on eclipse?

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Toll Free :0800-098-8906. For BT Yahoo - United Kingdom. Is this the right phone number?
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Ppp server down?

Possible solution PPP server down is an error occurring (mainly?) on Orange Broadband Unlimited when Livebox cannot communicate with exchange server. The reason for that situation is not clear. Customer Service by Orange is generally completely useless and cannot offer much help apart from wait ( Full Answer )

Should a server be shut down?

Usually you don't shut them down at all. Actually if you want to shut it down - you have to tell it why your shutting it down - not sure if this applies to Linux servers. But if you ever try shutting down and starting up a server with just an active directory and exchange installed... you will soon ( Full Answer )

How can we Shut down client computer from server?

To shut down WindowsXP computers from a Windows2003 Server use the "shutdown" command.. The shutdown command can be run as part of a batch script, or interactively with "shutdown -i". A good starting point is http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/w2k3/shutdown.htm

Why would an Eclipse antenna not go down all the way?

Some electric powered antennas were made to not totally retract. 4 to 8 inches retracted size is about normal. . Some electric powered antennas were made to not totally retract, 8 to 10 inches is about normal retraction length.

Is the Facebook server down at the moment?

Is Facebook Down 'at the moment'? To check if Facebook is up/down "at the moment," you can go to a website called Downrightnow. See the Related Link for the URL. Either their service is down - which rarely happens - and in that case you should just try later, or you have Internet connecti ( Full Answer )

Which operating system often used for server applications is a scaled-down version of Unix?

This unenlightened question is found on many A+ certification exams, First, I will tell you the that they want. Then I will tell you why there is no correct . The that they want you to write in is "Linux." This is in spite of the fact that Linux scales even higher than Unix and has more features, ( Full Answer )

The facebook server is down again in India?

Is Facebook Down 'in India'? To check if Facebook is up/down, you can go to a website called Downrightnow. See the Related Link for the URL. Either their service is down - which rarely happens - and in that case you should just try later, or you have Internet connections on your computer. If ( Full Answer )

Is Mercenaries 2 server down?

hmm...there are times when they do, hopefully, the PC version servers are down only a very little amount of time..the worst is if u have it for xbox..they are down for days sometimes..don't worry..

Is transformers autobots for ds server down?

After contacting Activision (who created the game) about the server, they said that they did not know why the server was down and that it would not be back up again. I told Activision that if they sell games that advertise online playability, the game should have it, regardless of age. This is a poo ( Full Answer )

Is transformers autobot for ds server down for ever?

Do what I did and threaten Activision with legal action. The servers are finished, forcing you to have to buy revenge of the fallen. Even though the original transformers: autobots game still says it offers online capability, there is none due to the server being down. But, don't waste your time on ( Full Answer )

Is comics com server down?

I have not been able to access comics.com for 2 days. Also, there are a lot of sites that are using the opportunity to try to install spyware on your pc...be careful.

What problems occurs when dhcp server go down?

Then any computer that is turned on - while the DHCP server is down - can't get an IP address, and therefore can't communicate on the network. Also, a DHCP lease may expire - the computer got the IP address for 24 hours, for example, and the time elapses. Same problem.

Is the yahoo server down?

This is a variable. You need to state a start and/or end date or time.

How do you shut down roblox servers?

Either you are the owner or the owner has made a script to shut down the servers when someone says too. The owner can shut down a server at any time by going onto their places page, then looking at the different servers. Each one has a "Shut Down" button that is only visible to the owner.

Is xtremespeeds servers down today?

xtremespeeds has been down for over 1 week now. The following information was given to its users.... 28th of july i had my house raided under suspicion of been part of Imagine Group while this information is not true I need to sort the matter out. I'v tempory closed the site till after the inve ( Full Answer )

Why are the servers down in Free Realms and when will they come back on?

Well the servers are down because there was a person who hacked into the servers and the shut every thing down because their afraid that person might of taken personal information from Free Realms players. They are fixing every thing now. The servers should be back up and running maybe tomorrow. If ( Full Answer )

Why is the internet servers down?

The Internet is a series of interconnected servers; probably you are having a problem getting to a specific server but that may not be the Internet's problem ...

Is the modern warfare server going down when black ops ships?

of course not! for two reasons: 1. infinity ward created mw2 and therefor it is running on their servers. 2. mw2 is amazing and black ops will most likely suck (as it is made by treyarch). Activision(maker of both games) is smart enough to not shut down mw2 servers until at least mw3 and trayarc ( Full Answer )

Things to do when wow servers are down?

Check your email, go outside and smell the roses, spend time with your family. There are a ton of things to do when the servers are down for maintenance.

What should you Do If your Server Seems To Be Down?

Refresh W.O.W or restart your computer. Also check for he day of the week. If it is a Tuesday, chances are very high that they (Blizzard) is doing maintenance on the servers and have taken them offline for a while.

Why are pokecyrus servers down?

because they are saying that there is a bug and one someone catches a Pokemon and is a different sprite it turns into another Pokemon in your roster so they shut down servers to fix it and it is taking a long time!!

Why is it that when you try to access to halo waypoint by ensemble studios it says the server is down?

Because the old Halo Waypoint was ran by Bungie, as Bungie is no longer apart of the Halo series after Reach, Microsoft, under the Halo-specific division called 343 studio's now run it, and they completely redid the entire thing. You are also required a Gold membership to access 98% of its best feat ( Full Answer )

Are Facebook servers down on September 23-2010 at 21 GMT?

Yeah, It's been confirmed by various sources, gonna have to just wait it out I suppose Response from 'asker' : Thanks much for your answer. For 30 minutes I got various system errors messages while logged in FB. September 23rd 2010. Europe.

Does Jagex have the power to shut down RuneScape Private Servers?

Answer: yes and no only if the server does not put in their trems and conditions that the user can not be a jagex member Answer: I am quite sure that if it is an almost exact copy of RuneScape, then it is a copyright violation, and can be shut down.

How long will PlayStations media server be down for?

I know you want an actual date for the answer. Only Sony will be able to say when the system is up and they have only said what is written below or available at the related links and questions. Any other answer is not from them and is a Guess or Prank The PlayStation network has been shutdown sin ( Full Answer )

Is the Internet server for COD Black Ops down?

No. In most cases the server is not down, do to a faulty XBox or disc. The temporary fix is to go on split screen, select killstreaks, and wait until it loads. Then you can play online. While there are lots of glitches with this method, it still proves helpful.

Why is eclipse flyff down?

Because hackers got out of control and they were getting free stuff and it was unfair for all the other players and they might just giv up and delete eclipse and focous on dope and insanity and the other ones.(i work for flyff we r sorry for this)

Why are battlefield 3 servers are down on your xbox360?

this is happening all over the country for conquest and rush for some people its only one of them. this is a common problem in fact its the third time its happened. only a handful of people in the country don't have the problem and can play the game. then fix it for computers and PS3 first then 1 we ( Full Answer )

Does a file server slow down the computer?

Short answer : No. Long answer : Technically anything you install on your computer slows it down to some degree. It shouldn't make it too terribly slow (unless you have a really crappy computer), but it will effect the speed somewhat. You probably won't even notice a different though. However, one ( Full Answer )

What time does the sun show the eclipse at sun down?

The sun shows the eclipse at sundown is a hard question to answer. Possibly this is asking when there will be a solar eclipse at or near sundown, the best answer that was found was 8:17 PM in the United States Midwest.

How do you shut down a roblox server?

If you're the owner of the place, click View running games and click the Shutdown button that appears close to the game.