Why is plagiarism a bad thing?

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Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's written work, word for word and take the credit for the work. It's a way of cheating yourself of the knowledge (looking it up/research) and the challenge of putting it in your own words. It is also a form of theft and is illegal.

Note that if you reword slightly that, too, is plagiarism. Your written work must be in your own words. All quotations must be properly acknowledged.

Plagiarism is bad because it is dishonest and a form of theft. What's more students who plagiarize don't learn from it. The real challenge of 'looking things up' is to evaluate and synthesize ideas from two or, better still, several sources. Usually, the ability to do that shows an understanding of the issues, shows that the student has got to grips with the topic and has really tried to do the assignment.

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Q: Why is plagiarism a bad thing?
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What happens if you commit plagiarism?

bad things

What is the minning plagiarism?

plagiarism is when you wright the exact same thing that was in a text or a book and ect... bye: unknown!! peace out!!!!:-)

What is it called when you can't copy thing?

Plagiarism. That, and having an HP printer.

Is Plagiarism an act of fraud?

Yes, because plagiarism means 'to copy illegally' and is basically taking credit for what you copied, and the thing you copied is copyrighted, patented, trademarked, or service marked. Plagiarism is an act of fraud.

What is the difference between global plagiarism and patchwork plagiarism?

Global Plagiarism is when you plagiarize from one person! Patchwork Plagiarism is when you plagiarize from couple people and put it all together. Just like how you do a patchwork, you sew a couple of small pieces to make one big thing!

Why is plagiarism bad?

Plagiarism is bad because you are copying someone else's work, word for word and taking the credit for the work. It's cheating in a way. Some people's work is copyrighted, so the law becomes involved.

What types of plagiarism exists?

self plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism.

What types of plagiarism exist?

self plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism.

Can you get arrested for plagiarism?

Plagiarism itself is grossly unethical (very bad), but not a crime ... Violation of copyright is both criminal and civil offence but is usually treated as a civil matter.

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What is minimal plagiarism?

Minimal Plagiarism: It is type of plagiarism, which is most common in the educational sector and in this plagiarism the person do plagiarism by substituting the synonyms and editing the original text.

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