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Overpopulation, irresponsible consumer habits and geography create a "perfect storm" in Mexico City that allows air pollution to be the problem it is there.

The city sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. Smog from manufacturing and chemical plants as well as vehicle exhaust fumes get trapped by the surrounding mountains due to lack of any powerful-enough winds. This makes up the layer of gloom that sits over the valley due to a "cook-pot effect".

This smog can cause burning in the eyes and throat of visitors not used to it within a few days, especially in those with sensitivities to pollutants.

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Q: Why is pollution a problem in Mexico City?
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What is Mexico city Mexico biggest environmental issue?

Air pollution and water pollution

What type of worker is responsible for Mexico City's pollution problem?

It is very difficult to put a blame for Mexico City pollution problems on a specific type of worker or economic class. I would say 'everyone', as the most important issue related to Mexico City is overcrowding.

Is air pollution a problem in Mexico?


How did Mexico fix its air pollution problem?


Which city produces the most pollution?

Mexico City

Where is pollution the worst?

i say Mexico city is the worst spot of pollution

Why is air pollution in Mexico city considered an environmental issue?

because the pollution caused in Mexico city is almost like a thick fog

How does geography play a role in Mexico City's Air pollution problem?

It lies in a valley surrounded by mountains that trap the air pollution over the city.

What can be don about pollution in Mexico city?

Nothing really. Mexico city is polluted because they drained the river out. Mexicio City lies into two valleys making the pollution stay in the valley leading up to alot of acid rain. So, I dont think we can really do anything about the pollution in Mexico City.

Largest city in Mexico?

the largest city is Mexico City, it also has the dubious reputation for having the worst pollution in the world.

Mexico City's pollution problem is made worse by its?


Do Mexico City have any pollution problems?


What is the effects of air pollution in Mexico city?


How do the physical features around Mexico City make the city more vulnerable to air pollution and earthquakes?

The high mountains surrounding Mexico city trap in air pollution such as car exhaust

What is the smoggiest city in the world?

the smoggiest city in the world is Mexico City, Mexico, because of the smoke pollution produce by the motorists and the factories in the city.

What problem is made worse in Mexico City by the surrounding mountains?

Air pollution, as those mountains prevent winds from "clearing up" the smog

What spanish-speaking city has the highest rate of pollution?

Mexico city

How much pollution is produced in Mexico City?

Mexico's cities have lots of pollution, in this case Mexico city, its the way it is because of its enormous population, this causes heavy traffic and traffic causes pollution not only that but Mexico has lots of industrial, allthough, Mexico has seeing some improvements in their air qualitys .

What environmental problems is associated with Mexico City?

There is one major issues that New Mexico City has. The one thing that is wrong in New Mexico City would pollution.

A type of pollution in present day Mexico city?


What city in Mexico is one of the most polluted cities?

Mexico City is by far the most polluted city in Mexico. Just imagine the pollution generated by 19 million people.

Which city in Mexico suffers from the most pollution?

Mexico City does, due to its large population (21.16 million) and its countless industries and vehicles.

When did pollution be a problem in Mexico City?

After a population explosion in the 50's, which jumped from 3 million in 1950 to 9 million in 1980 to 19 million in 2010.

What problems does the lack of water cause in Mexico City?

the pollution in the air

What surrounds Mexico City helping to trap pollution?

Hills and mountains.