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I can think of two possibilities. I assume since you are asking specifically about Port 1050, that you have a software firewall or a NAT based firewall.

Taking a leap into the darkness, is your router by any chance the Netcomm NB5Plus4W as that has a manufacturing defect that causes the port to be open. See the guide guide for port forwarding to close your port if this is your router.

It could be malware opening up your port or it could be your firewall.

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Q: Why is port 1050 on my computer open?
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Why would a PC state that it is not connected to the internet then say that the port is already open?

The computer does not have to be connected to the internet at all for the port to be open, or listening.

What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding is when you open a certain path for connections to a machine. For example if i want a program, which uses a port 3306, to be able to connect to my computer from the internet, I need to forward (open) this port first.

How do you use the hp deskjet 1050?

how to print in computer

You want to find port in your computer where can you get it?

The ports are available to see on the front and back of your computer. For instance the RJ45 port is the port that you plug in the cable to get to the Internet. If you want to see where the ports are located on the inside, just open your case and you will see them along the back of your computer. For instance, your keyboard is connected to a input port.

How do you open port 13495?

first you have to restart your computer and then go to sleep!!!! ha ha ha

What can you do with an open port?

You can connect to an open port, for instance, 80 TCP port is a standard port for web pages.

What is the most common port on a computer system?

A USB port is the most common port on a computer.

What is the best port settings on your eee PC for downloading Torrents?

The computer doesn't matter, the port for torrent file sharing is most commonly 6881 and it will continue looking for an open port all the way up to 6889 before it gives up and continues without an open port

What is the purpose of port 23 on a computer?

Port 23 is the traditional port used for Telnet. Telnet is basically a protocol to allow a user to connect to another computer or server in order to view information or log in. When this port is open, it is often an indication that a malicious piece of software has planted a backdoor in your computer to allow other users to access it without your permission.

How do you open port 2222 on Windows XP?

You have to have a program that is actually using this port for it to be "open." As long as the program is not blocked by Windows Firewall, the port will be open.

What is the definition of the word computer port?

some kind of port also called a i/o port for input/output on the computer

Can a wireless mouse be used on ordinary keyboards?

A wireless mouse requires (typically) a USB port for the receiver. As long as your computer has an open USB port and the drivers to support the device, it doesn't matter what type of keyboard is attached to your computer.

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