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Why is salt water denser than normal water?

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Density is a unit of measurement defined by how much matter takes up a certain amount of volume or space, therefore, when salt is added to water the following occurs:

A) The volume or space that the water takes up has very slightly increased but

B) The mass of the water has very greatly increased due to the salt ions (Ions being atoms with either extra electrons or missing electrons) having been attracted to the water and bonded themselves very closely to the water molecules.

The mass of the water has increased faster than the volume or space that it requires to take up, therefore the density of the water with salt in it is greater than normal water because for a certain volume of water there is more material or matter in salt water than there is in the same volume of normal water. So basically, in the very simplest answer would be "Because there's more stuff than just water in it." And most of that other "stuff" is heavier than pure water.

If you need something visual, picture (or try) this: You have 2 glasses filled with the same amount (volume) of freshwater. They both have the same density. Now, to one of the units, add 25 grams of table salt and stir it until it is all dissolved. Once dissolved, you will find that the volume of this unit is still the same (one unit) but if you weigh it, it is now 25 grams heavier than the remaining freshwater sample. Therefore the unit with the salt is now denser than the freshwater unit.

(Basically, think of fresh water as marbles in a cup. There are gaps between the marbles. When you add salt, the gaps are filled in, making it denser.)

Need something more scientific than just "because there's more stuff, it's heavier"? Check out what this science teacher has to say:

Firstly, you need to understand that when salt (sodium chloride NaCl) is added to water it disassociates into two charged ions; Na+ and Cl-

The water molecule is shaped much like this:


/ \


The oxygen has two lone pairs of electrons exposed on the top, so it attracts anything positive (e.g. Na+). The Hydrogen atoms are sharing their one electron with each of the covalent bonds with the oxygen atom. This exposes the positively charged nucleus and attracts negatively charged particles (e.g. Cl-).

This has the overall effect of pulling the water molecules closer together (but not chemically bonding) in salt water than they would normally be in fresh water. We define density as being related to the number and size of particles in a given volume. The overall pulling together of the water molecules means that more water molecules will fit into a smaller space.

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Is salt denser than water?

Yes, salt is denser.

Does water that is denser than normal like salt water freeze faster?

On the contrary, it takes longer for salt water to freeze - it freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water does.

What is denser fresh or sea water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water.

What sentence for salt water?

Salt water is denser than pure water.

Why is salt water more dense than freash water?

Because of the salt - salt is denser than water.

What is 62 divided by 811?


Why do things float in salt water but not salt water?

Salt water is denser than fresh (not salt) water.

What is the difference between fresh water fish and salt water fish?

saltwater: has salt in it,is not drinkable,is more denser than fresh water freshwater: does not have salt in it,drinkable,is less denser than salt water

Why is salt is denser than plain water?

because it has salt in it...

Does rubber float on salt water?

No. Rubber is denser than salt water.

Can an egg float in water without salt?

No it cant because an egg is denser than pure water. so it can only float in salt water. This is because salt water is denser than an egg.

Why is it easier to swim in salty water than normal water?

Because salt water is denser....and rises to the upper so it is easy to float

Which are denser freshwater fish or saltwater fish?

Salt water is more denser because if you put fresh water into salt water than it wil be in the middle of the measurment cup so salt water is more denser .

Is salt water denser than fresh water?


What is it easier to float in salt water than fresh water?

Because salt water is denser. If you pour salt water and fresh water [one with food coloring] into a glass, the salt water will sink below the fresh water. You are only a bit denser than salt water.

Why does an iceberg float in water?

well its molecules are less denser than the salt water so it floats, or the water especially salt water is denser than the iceberg so it sinks.

How is it easier to float in Salt Water than fresh water?

Because salt water is denser than fresh water.

Is salt water less or more dense than regular water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water.

Is salt water denser than an egg?

The density of liquids really depends on the suspended matter in it. If you have really dense concentration of salt in water, yes it could be denser than an egg. If you have merely a weak solution of salt, then the egg is denser... it depend on how much salt you have in the water.

Why does an egg sink in water but float in salt water?

Salt water is denser than pure water.

Which is denser river water distilled water tap water or sea water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water

Is cork denser than table salt?

The table salt is denser.

Is salt with water denser than just plain water?

yes the salt with water is denser . The density of salt water is more as compared to plain water. take the example of dead sea also called the Salt Sea, a person does not drown in dead sea due to high salinity. But in normal sea one would be drowned.

Why does egg sink in fresh water but in salt water it floats?

Salt water is denser than fresh.

What happens to the mass of water if you add salt?

Salt water is denser than unsalted (fresh) water.