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Because salt lowers the temperature of the water. It's a chemical reaction.

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Q: Why is salt water with ice colder than normal water with ice?
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Is fresh water colder than salt water?

Salt water is colder than the fresh water.

How does salt lower the temperature of water?

Salt doesn't lower the temperature of water. Rather, salt water has a lower freezing point than normal water, which can cause it to be colder while remaining in a liquid state.

Why are the harbors on the west coast of Europe free from ice in winter?

Some do not get cold enough and others are salt water harbours (salt water requires a colder temperature than normal).

Is salt water colder then ice?

well for something to freeze it has to be 0 degrees or lower which is what ice is, frozen water. so the water has to be 1 degree or more to NOT freeze so the ice is colder than salt watercoz salt water is not frozen... does t6hat make sense? Actually, salt water CAN be colder than ice because the salt lowers the freezing point of the water.

Is icy salt water colder than icy fresh water?


Why did salt water freeze faster than regular water?

Salt water does not freeze faster than regular water... When salt is put in water, it stops the water from freezing, and it needs to be colder than usual.

Why does normal water have lower sodium chloride levels than salt water?

Because sodium chloride is salt! Obviously normal water has lower salt levels than salt water.

Are salt water pools colder than chlorine pools?


Why does ocean water get colder than fresh water before freezing?

This is because of the salt in the water

Is ice water with salt warmer or colder than plain ice water?

it is warmer

What lasts longer Normal ice or salt ice?

Salt ice lasts longer than normal ice. This is because salt ice is much colder than normal ice. To keep things cool longer, using salt ice is better.

How does adding salt to water effect evaporation?

The salt added to water makes the water colder so salt water evaporates slower than just plain fresh water.

Why is salt water colder than fresh water?

In general, salt water may be colder than distilled(pure) water because the salt water has a high concentration of dissolved ions within it causing its specific heat capacity to be lower than that of distilled water. That is to say, it takes less energy to raise the temperature of salt water then distilled water, which also means that distilled water can retain heat longer than salt water can. Dont really know if thats what you were getting at but there you go.

What is the water temperature of normal lake?

It all depends on where the lake is located at. Lakes in colder climates will have a colder normal temperature than that of lakes in warmer climates.

Which water is colder when frozen freshwater or saltwater?

When frozen, saltwater is colder. The reason why saltwater is colder when it it frozen is because of the salt in it, that type of water has to be at a lower temperature than freshwater to get to its freezing point.

Why does water with salt take long to freeze?

Water with salt dissolved in it has to be colder than pure water in order to freeze. That's why we throw salt on snow and ice on the street to melt them.

Can saltwater and freshwater freeze different or the same?

Salt water needs to be much colder than fresh water to freeze because salt melts ice.

Will salt water will freeze?

Yes, salt water does indeed freeze. The addition of a solute (salt in this case) to a solvent (water) will always lower the solution's freezing point. This just means it needs to be colder than 32oC to freeze the salt water.

Does salt added to water make the water heat up faster than water without salt added and if both are heated to a boil?

NO Normal water boils faster because salt (sodium chloride) breaks up very slowly and since its salt water. The salt binds itself with the molecules of the water therefore increasing the boiling point, hence making it slower to boil. In comparison to normal water, salt water takes longer to boil than normal water.

Colder-than-normal Pacific Ocean surface temperatures?

la nina

Why does dry ice dissolve faster in salt water than water?

it is a process called freezing point depression. The salt lowers the freezing point of water therefore it has to be colder for the water to return to ice

Does salt water freeze faster than normal water?

No, it takes salt water longer to freeze than normal water, as it's freezing point is lower. This is why roads get gritted/salted in the winter, to stop them freezing over as quickly.

Does water that is denser than normal like salt water freeze faster?

On the contrary, it takes longer for salt water to freeze - it freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water does.

Why Solubility of salt is less in heavy water than normal?

It is an isotopic effect on solubility; the normal water is H2O or the heavy water is D2O.

Why a lemon sinks in normal water and floats in salty water?

a lemon sinks in normal water and floats in salty water because the density of salt water is more than the normal water.