Why is satanism evil?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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According to Judaism, worshiping anything other than God is an act of idolatry and is strictly forbidden. This is one of the commands that applies to people of all religions.

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It is not evil. Many people think that satanism is a product of Christianity, when, in fact, it predates christianity by thousands of years. When christianity was established, it converted people from satanism by telling them that their lord was evil. Thus, giving the false idea that satanism is evil. This is what one would find out if they looked and read up on something, rather than assuming. Satanists are not evil either. The rituals they do is just an effort to either connect to their god, satan, or to gain strength from within (i.e. their soul). Most satanists do not kill people. When's the last time you've heard of something like that on the news? Since satanism doesn't have any commandments, most satanists may come off as rude, or unruly. This is because they are unleashing their true human nature. I like to say the motto of satanism is Vive Vitam Tuam ('live your life' in latin).

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god kicked him out that's why

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Q: Why is satanism evil?
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Can demon s harm us?

yes. Yes because they are evil and can possess us, and they are all for Satanism.

What is called evil practice?

Many practices have been called evil. President Reagan referred to the USSR as an evil empire, which would have made communism an evil practice. Christians believe that Satanism is an evil practice. There are hundreds of other examples.

Is satanism a subculture?

Yes, Satanism can be considered a subculture as it encompasses a set of beliefs and practices that deviate from mainstream religions. However, it is important to note that not all individuals who identify as Satanists may be part of a cohesive subculture, as there can be different interpretations and practices within Satanism.

What does the word satanism means?

It can mean a few things. In most christian fanatics, it means evil evil people who sacrifice animals, that is not completely true. There are normally two general sides to Satanism. There is the left hand path, or Anton LeVay Satanism, which are Atheists who believe in Satan as a philosophical ideal, that he is not in fact a supernatural being. Then there is the Right hand path, known as "Theistic Satanism" or "Traditional Satanism" these are the Satanists that believe in Satan as a deity. Normally the Right hand path is what the media sees as the crazy cultists who kill in the name of Satan, they do not infact. Sure, there are individuals out there who do crazy things for satan. But that is not what Theistic Satanism is based around. Both paths may follow the belief in Wicca and other Magic.

Does satanism have a prophet?

LaVeyan Satanism (the original) does not.

What is the darkest song ever?

What does this have to do with Satanism? Satanism isn't about "darkness" or "evil." True Satanism is about opening the soul, and reaching Godhead. Satan, his real name being Enki, is a peace loving God who has been lied about for a very very long time. It's time people start learning about his true identity. Go to these sites and fill your brain with knowledge:

Is Mike Portnoy a satanism?

No, Mike Portnoy is not a satanism.

How do christan's define wicca?

Most put it under satanism, or witchcraft. But it's not bad at all. If they were to look into it they might actually understand that most wiccans are good, not evil.

Is Slayer related to satanism?

No, although they are all atheists except Tom Araya. It's a very popular belief that Slayer is satanic because of their death and evil-related themes, but Tom Araya claims that titles, such as Raining Blood and Angel of Death are not meant to have references to satanism - they just "sounded cool".

Does Oprah believes in satanism?

no shes beyond that its like super satanism

Is wichcraft evil?

Yes, there is evil witchcraft, contrary to what Wiccans may claim. Satanists practice witchcraft too.