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Q: Why is sugar sometimes called an empty food?
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What does cotton have in it?

Only sugar and sometimes food coloring.

Calories from food like soda and ice cream are called?

Empty calories.

Are sugar canes junk food?

yes sugar canes are junk food because it has a lot of sugar with in them and that's why they are called sugar canes :)

An empty-calorie food is one that contains?

An empty calorie food is one that has little or no nutritional value. Twinkies brand snack cakes, for example, are empty because they have much sugar and fat, but very little protein and no vitamins or minerals.

What is cotten candy?

Heated sugar, sometimes with food coloring added.

Food with very low nutritional value is called?

empty calories

When you eat your body breaks down the food you eat into a form of sugar called what?

Your body breaks down the food you eat into a form of sugar called glucose.

What is the plants food that is a kind of sugar called?

They don't eat, they absorb the sugar called glucose(stored as starch).

What other names can sugar be called on food label?

anything with the ending "ose" is a sugar

What are empty calories in food and what are the benefits?

Empty calories are foods that are high in calories but do not make your stomach feel full. Because these foods are often high in fat and sugar there are no health benefits to them.

Why is the jejunum called empty?

The jejunum is part of the intestines. The ancient Greeks noticed at death that this part of the intestine was always empty of food. Hence, the name, the jejunum because the Latin word jejunus means empty of food.

What is an organism that uses sunlight to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide?

Plants during photosynthesis. Their leaves require sunlight, CO2 and H20 in order to make sugar. I believe the type of sugar they create is called Glucose.