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technology is important to science, because it helps the numbers in science come out more accurate and easier.

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What is the definition of technology important of science and technology?

Science discovers and Technology makes things from the discovery

What is the importance of science in medical technology?

Science is extremely important. Technology is the application of science and medicine is a branch of science

Why is science very important in technology?

Science is very important to technology because without discovering something first, how can you make something else? In every tehcnology made, there is always science applied to it. There no technology with out science possibilities. Without Science, there is no technology.

Is science and technology important to each other?

Yes, Science and Technology are important to each other. With out the former we wouldn't have the latter.

What is the important of Science technology society?

science technology is important because if we dont have science technology then we cant invent gadgets that we use to make hand work easier like computer,cellphone and other things that is been invent by science technology

Why science and technology is important for community?

There are many reasons why science and technology are important for community. These two things improve medical care for example.

Why science and technology is important?

Science and technology are important as they help humans advance. It has lead to things like electricity, computers, and travel to distant planets.

Why are science and technology important?

Science and technology are important for many reasons:Science provides information about the world around you that helps you to survive and thriveScience provides ways of logically thinking and solving problemsScience provides ways of studying that result in new information and new technologiesTechnology provides faster and better ways of doing thingsTechnology provides information to everyoneTechnology provides a better and healthier life for many people

What is importance of science and technology?

science and technolgy is as much important as life and blood

What is the important of Science technology in school?

Science is the body of technical knowledge, and technology is the practical application of that knowledge.For example, all machines, and all books embody both science and technology.

What are the important of science and technology?

Science and technology keep us warm and dry, and protect us from predators such as snakes and manta rays.

What is the importance of science in technology?

( ~ how can you make one technology work without the help of science ?? ) * the answer to your question are : >> science is important in technology because it can help the technology to be more creative .. for example I am the SCIENCE and your the TECHNOLOGY .. The scientist will make new technology .. Then he think about making the technology more creative .. Which means he will need the help of science .. He will study more about science to know how can he make one technology work and be more useful or/and creative .. ( * I hope the answer helps * )

Why knowledge of science important to a businessman?

Science has a lot to do with technology, which is a huge part in the economy.

What are the important advantages of science and technology?

science and technology helps in improving the civilization or making the people civilized it makes mans work easier.by understanding science we can understand the world.

What are the similarities of science and technology?

• The difference of technology and science is that technology is the product of science. Technology is also the tools used to progress science.

How is science used in technology?

The technology uses science to solve problems. Without science, no technology is possible. Scientific knowledge helps in making new technologies and advancements. Thus, technology is completely dependent upon science.

How does science relate to technology?

Science relates to technology because science created technology. It was the knowledge and experimentation of science that lead to the creation of technology.

What is science and technology?

Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=

Why are debates important in science and technology?

There are lots of questions science can't answer, for example if a new technology will be good or bad, a good example for this is stem cell research.

How science relate to technology?

science Relates to technology because without science there would be no technology

How technology related in science?

science is the origin of technology. Without science it is impossible to create technology. so you can say first science and then technology.seoserviceworld

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