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The Freon probably needs to be recharged. Any repair shop should be able to do this. They should also test the system for leaks to see why the Freon leaked out to begin with.

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Q: Why is the AC air cold and the blower working but no air is coming out of the vents?
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What is wrong when not much air is coming out of your vents in your car hot or cold air?

your blower motor is stuck on low

Why is the AC air cold and the blower is working but no air is coming out of the vents on a Chevy Astro van 6 Cy?

Vacuum hose that runs over the thermostat housing is leaking at that location.

Why doesn't the heat work in your 1995 Chevy s10 pickup?

Need to know if the blower is working or not or, the air coming out is cold or warm or hot or, the air (hot or cold) is only coming out the defroster.

How do you repair a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the heater is not working?

Need more info like, is the blower working or not, is the air coming out cold or warm when it should be hot, is the air not coming out where it should be.

What if the AC on your 97 5.7L 4 door 4WD Tahoe blows very cold but does not blow powerfully even if it's set on high?

A vehicle air conditioner has two basic components; the compressor, and the fan, or blower. If the compressor is working, the air coming out of the vents will be cold, but if the blower is not working, the air will not come out very fast. Hot wire the blower to the battery, to bypass any fuses or switches, and see if the blower will run. If it does, but will not run when connected normally, check the fuse for the blower. If it is good, you would be wise to take the vehicle to an automotive electrical specialist to have them troubleshoot it.

Why is the AC air cold and the blower is working but no air is coming out of the vents on a Chevy Astro van 6 Cy when ac is on and charged It blows hot air?

The air should be comming out of the defroster vents. If so, most likely, it is the vacuum line that controls the vents. It is on top of the engine below the air cleaner, and runs to the front right of the engine. Buy the replacment so you know what your are looking for.

How do you get the heating back working on a peugeot 106?

If you have no air coming out of the vents then you need a new blower. If you have air but no heat its either the hot cold selector not moving the flap or its the heater matrix. First things first. Check the fuse for the blower (if you get no air). Everything except the fuse need a mechanic or very keen DIY expert with a Haynes manual to hand.

1992buick Lesabre there is no air coming out of your vents at any level hot or cold but when you accelerate the speed you still can feel like a little cold air coming out just a tiny bit what could it?

You're blower fan isn't working at all, but when you're driving air will still come in through the vents. Obviously, the faster you go the more air will come in. If you're just parked, no air will come in. Check you're fuse, blower motor, relay, switch, and resistor. It could be any of those. Sorry I can't be anymore specific. I'm just basing this on what you described.

How cold is the air coming out of the vents when the air is on?

It's somewhat cold. It's just very little cold air coming out. Can't hear the vent blow the air as well.

How do you repair a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee no air blowing heat or cold?

Check blower motor fuse Blower motor resistor pack? Fan switch? Selector switch? ---- Is the Blower Motor Working? I'm not sure if the question is that the blower motor is working and "no air is blowing thru the vents'! If the blower is working and no air is blowing thru the vents then you could have a broken Recirculation Door. That is another common heating problem with the 99/04 Jeep GC. The recirc door brakes and falls down blocking the blower which will reduce or block the air flow completely. Normally the dashboard would have to be removed to replace the broken recirculation door. See the Link below for a NO Dash Removalrecirculation door fix. ----

Why is AC blower is working but no air hot or cold is coming out of the vents?

In the duct work of the air system you will find what are called "blend doors" Sometimes these doors begin to stick. Some are electrical and some are cable controlled. In most cases they cannot be repaired. They are easy to replace if you have easy access to the area behind the dashboard

How cold should a car air conditioner blow?

Coming out of the vents around 43 degrees

I have a 1993 Chevy s10 blazer The heat works but you can hardly feel it. How would I fix this?

Need to know if the blower is working or not and if the air coming out is hot, warm or cold.

Why would 2 2007 Kia Optima heater quit working?

Possible leak in the water recirculating system ... or ... the engine thermostat is now working correctly and needs replacement,.

Why does your F250 diesel 6.0 when idling blow cold air through the heater vents?

most likely it's a bad thermostat, or your vents not working properly.

Your car has front and rear air conditioner but only 2 of the front vents throw out cold air what could it be?

check to see if the controls for the vents are working, there is ususally a vaccum control unit and it may mot be working on the rear vents. hope it helps. duboff

Should cold air return vents be closed in winter?

NO never close off your cold air return.this causes the blower fan to "starve" for air reducing the units efficiency. it may feel like cold air is coming out of the registers,but in-fact the cold air is being pulled into the register from the room so it can be heated by the unit. hope this helps..... HVAC tech.

How can you tell if heater blower is not working?

it wont blow heat itll blow cold air

Is it possble that dust is coming from your furnace in the attic?

I don't know it's a new furnace and the outside unit was checked. everything runs good except that the air is not coming out of the vents cold it's barely cold.

Which vents are for cold air return wall or floor?

Cold air return vents are the ones on the wall

Why does the 2 drivers side air vents on a 1998 Chevy Venture blow warm air and the 2 air vents on the passengers side and the rear vents blow ice cold air when the AC is on?

The blend door actuator may not be working.

My heater in my 1984 El Dorado Biritz quit working where do you start looking?

If by quit working you mean quit blowing, the things to troubleshoot are the blower motor, the blower motor resistor switch, or the blower motor speed selector switch. If by quit working you mean it only blows cold or warm air, the thermostat is probably stuck in the open position.

Why doesn't my ac blow cold air?

It may need to be recharged with a cooling refrigerant , it may have a loose connection or a blower is not working .

2007 Dodge Ram air conditioning isnt working?

That's nice. I'm guessing you want to fix it now?This can't be done until you do that essential first step - diagnose the problem. HOW is it not working? Is it just not delivering cold air, is the blower motor not working, is air not coming through certain vents, is your AC compressor clutch not engaging and/or disengaging?You might be getting in over your head trying to do it on your own - AC systems really aren't a DIY task to begin with. If your blower is blowing air, I'd recommend you take it to a shop to have a system performance test done. That'll help diagnose what the problem actually is. "AC system not working" is far, far, far too vague for any accurate diagnosis to be given.

How do you fix the blower on your 1991 ford explorer so the ac blows cold air?

The blower is common to hot and cold air. If it is only cold air that is a problem, then the problem is not the blower motor. The blower motor is actually in the engine compartment, passenger side at the firewall.