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As ageneral rule of thumb the seals leak on the compressor every 2 - 3 years. Seem to have better sucess with aftermarket compressors. Very hard to get away from. Also the condensor will generally rot out from rust afte about 8 years. It is the nature of the beast on these models. You can look at the padding under the hood and see if the compressor has been leaking. It will leave a path on the insulation and eat through the insulation.

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Q: Why is the AC on a Corvettes generally bad and what should you look for on a used 1978-82 Corvette?
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it should as 76 corvettes had no horsepower whatsoever.

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What temperature thermostat should you use for your 1984 Corvette?

The vehicle was factory equipped with a 195 degree thermostat. The early C4 Corvettes had to run hot to burn off emissions and meet federal standards.

Where should I consider looking at used corvettes for sale? is a very good website for looking up used Corvettes. If you would like to look at Corvettes in person, many Chevy dealers also have used Corvettes for sale.

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Any Chevrolet dealer in Oregon should have a selection of Corvettes. You should call around to your local dealerships and see what they might have available.

Does Corvette c6 comply with Euro 5?

If it doesn't it surely should! I think that the C6 Z06 is one heck of a race car straight out of the box! Check out and you can speak with a handful of guys that love to auto x there corvettes all the time!

Is there any bulletin for gas leaking in rear of 1998 Corvette?

There is a bulletin dated 3-1-99 for 1997 - 1999 Corvettes about the fuel tanks. That bulletin # is 99-06-04-013 You should be able to get a copy of it at your local dealership.

Where can I find a corvette for sale?

Depends on if you're looking for a new or used one. If you'd like a used one you should try out kijiji and you might find some that are nearby. If you want a new one you'll have to try out the car dealerships near you that sell corvettes.

Can a 1978 Corvette headlight fit on 1977 Corvette?

Yes, the headlights should be completely identical.

Where is the odometer on a 1998 Corvette?

On the 1998 Corvette, the odometer is digital. It should show up digitally right under the speedometer.

What engine oil shoul you use for your 327ci 300hp 1966 corvette?

You should use 327ci 300hp 1966 Corvette engine oil ;)

How remove crankshaft pulley on Corvette?

it should be on the instructions or when you get the car they should tell you

How much horsepower does the L82 Corvette have?

about 220 HP, it should be higher but the clean air act of 1970 limited to power of the 1970s C3 corvettes. Personally get a better engine, L82s' are fairly weak when compared other V-8 engines however don't expect a mustang to win in a race against one.

Where is the flasher relay located on a 1986 Corvette?

REMOVE THE UPPER PANEL UNDER THE STEERING WHEEL, SHOULD BE TO THE LEFT OF STEERING WHEEL. BOTH FLASHERS SHOULD BE THERE HELD DOWN WITH CLIPS , TURN & HAZARD or On my 1986 Corvette the flasher was installed under the passenger side panel just above where the passengers left knee would contact the dash. I know the diagrams don't indicate this but at least some 1986 Corvettes have the turn flashers there ( but not the emergency flasher relay which remained behind the information center , mid-dash)

Will carpet from a 1980 Corvette fit a 1977 Corvette?

The rear portion may have to be modified (underneath the rear window), but it should work otherwise.

I would like to have both rear right and left bumpers on my 1973 Corvette rechromed. They are both in excellent shape except for minor flaking in a very small area on the edge. Thanks Ed?

You should check out the following discussion about rechroming bumpers on Corvettes:

Where can I find a good body shop to restore a Corvette America for a reasonable price?

Restoring classic cars can be an expensive undertaking, but visiting car clubs and talking to other owners of similar vehicles should get you information on who in your local area might be able to do your restoration work for you. Alternatively visit, they do restoration work on corvettes from all over the country.

Will a Corvette engine fit in a 1987 Monte Carlo?

If you have a V8 in you Monte now the corvette engine should bolt right in but you will have to change the wiring and computer.

How to set timing in a 1988 Corvette?

Figure out your engine type, then ask how to set timing on a 1988 corvette ***** engine. That should help you a great deal.

What should the fuel pressuse on a 1993 corvette be?

The pressure should be 44-47 psi on LT1.

How do you let the top down on a 2001 Corvette?

To let the top down on a 2001 Corvette you will need to go where the windshield meets and then, and then you would want to pull down all of the latches. This should let your 2001 Corvette top down.

Does a 1974 corvette have a voltage regulator?

it should have an internally regulated alternator

What should the fuel pressure be on a 1987 Corvette?

13-15 psi

Will a engine from a 1996 Corvette fit on the engine mounts in a 1975 Corvette body?

Yes, the mounting position is the same, but the actual mounts are different. Bolt the mounts from your 1975 corvette to your 1996 LT1 engine and it should go right in. The transmission should also bolt right up to your 1996 LT1 engine.

Where can one purchase Corvette floor mats?

There are several good options in order to purchase Corvette floor mats. Some examples include "Auto Anything", "Amazon" or "eBay". Besides that also local Corvette dealers should be checked.