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Better said was the "battles to capture Vicksburg". At least three Union attempts failed to actually capture the city fortress of Vicksburg. Only via a siege was the city captured. And, yes this at last gave the Union full control of the Mississippi River. This was now the western base from which to launch assaults on either side of the river.

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The Siege of Vicksburg is considered one of the turning points in the American Civil War. The battle was a decisive victory for the Union.

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Q: Why is the Battle of Vicksburg important?
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What was an important battle in Mississippi?


Why is Vicksburg important?

It was a huge battle that took place there

What was important about the Battle of Vicksburg?

Even though it is usually overshadowed by the Battle of Gettysburg, the Siege of Vicksburg is the real turning point of the war.

Why is the Battle of Vicksburg important to the civil war?

Vicksburg gave the North control of the Mississippi river.

Why was Vicksburg important to the civil war?

The city of Vicksburg was located in a pivotal area that made it important both to the union and to the Confederacy. The Confederacy lost of the battle of Vicksburg, which was a major loss.

Why was the war of Vickburg important?

You probably mean the battle of Vicksburg, in the American Civil War. According to, the capture of Vicksburg marked the turning point of the war.

What are some important civilwar events?

* Fort Sumpter * Battle of Vicksburg * The Monitor vs. the Virginia * The Battle of Gettysburg * Cold Harbor * The Battle of Vicksburg * Appomattox Court House

Why was the Battle of Vicksburg important to the civil war?

Stop cheeting and do your homework

Why was captain Vicksburg important to the union?

There was no captain named Vicksburg in the civil war, so no person of that name could have been important to the union or anybody else. Perhaps you are thinking of the battle of Vicksburg, which was critical.

Why was the Battle of Vicksburg important?

The Vicksburg battle was important because the villagers were in danger of loseing their beloved homes and they didnt want that to happen therefore it was very important that they won the battle because then they would have lost their paths that lead to the southern states and the didnt want to lose that as well !

What is the battle at Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was a major battle in the Civil War in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Confederates had their only stronghold there. General Grant's plan was to gain control of Vicksburg and the Mississippi River. General Pemberton was running out of food and supplies so he surrendered. Because the Union took control of the Mississippi River it split the South into two. That's how the Battle of Vicksburg is important in the Civil War.

Who won the Battle of Vicksburg and why was it important?

It was important because it opened up the missisippi river for the union

When did the battle of Vicksburg start?

The Battle of Vicksburg began in May 1863

What Battle was important because the North divided the South by gaining control of the Mississippi River?

The battle of Vicksburg

What battle lasted 3 days and was one of the most important battles of the civil war?

Battle of Vicksburg

When did the battle of Vicksburg start and end?

The Battle of Vicksburg started on May 18th 1863. The Battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th 1863.

Battle at Vicksburg?

One of the most important campaigns of the Civil War occurred at Vicksburg from late May to early July of 1863.

How the Battle of Vicksburg affect the US Civil War?

The battle and siege of Vicksburg was an important propaganda victory for the Union. Modern historians now view the loss of Vicksburg by the South as not one of the crucial factors that decided the outcome of the war.

What is another name for the battle of Vicksburg during the civil war?

The Battle of Vicksburg is also called the Siege of Vicksburg

Where was the Battle of Vicksburg located?

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Did anyone important become famous because of the Battle of Vicksburg?

Grant did not become famous because of Vicksburg, but it certainly greatly enhanced his reputation.

How many missing confederate soldiers were there in the battle of Vicksburg?

there 33,000 troops in the battle of vicksburg

What did the north call the battle of Vicksburg?

The called it the Battle of Vicksburg, though, it was actually a siege.

Who was the winner of the Battle of Vicksburg was?

The winner of the Battle of Vicksburg was Union General Ulysses Grant.

Fact on the battle of Vicksburg Mississippi?

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