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Why is the Check Engine Light ON in a 1993 Mark VIII?

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The "Check Engine" light means that the computer has stored a fault code. You need to use a code scanner to read the fault code. Code scanners can be borrowed, rented or purchased at most auto parts retail stores.

2006-09-08 01:48:45
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How do I decode check engine light 1993 Lincoln mark viii?

If you don't have a scanner take it to Auto Zone or I think even Advantage does it and they will tell you what the code is and erase the code for you.

Reset check engine light on 1998 Lincoln mark VIII?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

Where is the location of the check engine light on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

The check engine light on a 1999 Ford Ranger is between the full mark of the gas gauge and the left turn signal arrow

How do you reset check engine light on 97 mark VIII?

Provided you are talking about the MIL Light = Malfunction Indicator Lamp? the 97 Mark VIII is an OBDII computer system. it requires a scan tool to reset / turn off the MIL / check engine light. it requires repairing the fault / problem to keep it off. drl

What Does it mean when the air bag light keeps flashing on a 1993 Lincoln Mark VII?

Lincoln did not offer a Mark VII in 1993.. Lincoln stopped production in 1992. Then started the Mark VIII in 1993

How do you get check air ride light to go off on 1993 Lincoln mark 8?

controle the front and back air suspensions for leaking air.

What does the warning light of a circle and exclamation mark mean on a BMW 318?

im not positive cuz i dont have a 318 i have a 325, but i think that is the check engine light... It is actually the tranmission service light.

Oil light stays on after engine running?

Is the engine tapping when running? If not, check the oil level. If the oil level is at the full mark on the dip stick, then check the oil sending switch. My just need to replace it. Easy fix if that is your problem.

II have a 1993 Lincoln mark viii the engine turns over but want start?

Check the basics, With an inline spark tester ($6-8.00) check for spark. Does the fuel pump make noise when you turn the key (whining noise)? Is the fuel getting to the engine?

Why is 1997 Lincoln mark VIII check engine light flashing and running rough with gas mileage cut in half?

You have to check to see what codes are causing the check engine light to be flickering etc. that will be your starting point. Sounds like oxygen sensors though. the spark plug boots are cracked my 98 had the same problem $3.80 each

How do you get the check air suspension light to quit coming on after changing to springs and struts on 1993 Lincoln mark 8?

Try turning the switch off in the trunk on drivers side.

How do you set cam timing marks on a 1993 Nissan navara v6?

<p>to set top dead center of any engine you disconnect the spark plug lead on cylinder 1 and connect a timing light then turn over the engine by hand until the timing light lights and to check that it is top dead center look at the timing mark and pointer on the harmonic ballancer that the pointer is at the 0 mark (removing all plugs will make turning the engine easier)If you do not have a timing light you can use a 12 volt globe between the plug lead and earth. Good luck.<p>

Is there a fuel indicator light on a 1998 Ford Ranger XLt?

With the guage cluster that includes a tachometer there is a check gage light , that is located just above the tachometer at the 3,000 RPM mark . The check gage light comes on if the engine coolant temperature is high , the engine oil pressure is low , or the vehicle is almost out of gas . There is also a fuel reset light to the left of the gas gauge

Why wont 1993 mark VIII Engine cooling fan work?

Was it making any kind of out of the ordinary noise? Likely burned out but check the wireing for breaks where it could ground out etc.

What is the timing mark on a 1991 Honda Accord SE?

A timing mark is usually a white line on the timing belt to sync the firing of cylinders in an engine. You can see this line when the engine is turned off or with a timing light also a strobe light when the engine is running.

What are the timing mark setting for a 1993 Yamaha yz250?

im not sure but check with your local shop

How many quarts of oil to put in Honda if oil light and engine light is on?

Put enough in to reach the full mark on the dipstick. If the oil light is on you either have a leak or the engine is burning oil.

How do you time the engine on a Mazda Protege 1993?

Ignition timing: Hook up a timing light to the #1 spark plug wire and battery, Loosen the bolts on the distributor. With the engine running shine the light on the plastic timing mark located on the lower timing belt cover. Adjust the distributor forward or backwards as needed to align the mark on the crank pulley with the big mark on the graduated pointer on the timing belt cover. Once aligned tighten the distributor and your done.

What's the best and easiest way to check and set timing on 94 Toyota truck 22re engine 2.4liter without taking the head off the engine block?

A timing light on #1 cylinder and align the timing marks on crankshaft and stationary mark on engine block

What does red explanation mark mean with check engine for 2006 Lexus gs 300?

The red light typically indicates a major condition, whereas an amber light alone typically indicates a more minor or even nonpersistent fault.

How do i set the timing if i didn't mark the distributor on a 1996 350 vortec?

The timing on that engine is controled by the computer. You can not use a timing light. The only thing you can do is move the distributor enough to get the engine to run and have power and that is called the base timing. When it does run and the engine light is not on then you got lucky, but if the check engine light comes on, then you will have to get an engine scanner and hook it up and go into the timing mode and move the distributor until you get the cam and crank in time. The scanner will show you when it is in time and the engine light will go off. Tighten distributor and your done. The computer will do the rest.

Where is the check engine light on a mark 3 golf vr6?

It will be right in the cluster(Where your spedo is and the tach) It is bright yellow if it doesn't show up then the bulb is burnt out which means it was on for a really long time.

Will removing the thermostat from a 1996 Bonneville cause the car to idle poorly?

Many of the engines sensors do not operate until the engine has reached running temperature (195 degrees F). Without the thermostat the engine won't reach that mark. It may also trigger the check engine light to illuminate.

How do you remove the engine from a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII?

chain a cherry picker to the fuel injectors and jack it up, engine SHOULD just pull out. (who asks this sort of question, if you are asking this here you should not be working on a mark viii.)

Do you add coolant to the reservoir or the radiator?

If there is a cap on the radiator you can check to see if the radiator is full , and if it isn't , " top up " the engine coolant . Otherwise , you check the engine coolant level at the engine coolant reservoir when the engine is cold and maintain the level at the cold mark