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the inventor of easter lucas morgan stated bunnies are the luckiest animal because they are great snake food

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Why is a bunny the luckiest animal?

The riddle, joke and cryptogram clues that were released for Easter stated "Why is a bunny the luckiest animal in the world?" The answer is that "It has four rabbits' feet."

Is the Easter bunny a snake?

The Easter Bunny is a Bunny (:

Which animal hides eggs?

The Easter Bunny!

Why did they use a rabbit for the Easter bunny?

A bunny is an animal that has a lot to do with spring. So whoever came up with the Easter Bunny was thinking of when the rabbits came out at around spring/Easter time every year.

Why is it an Easter bunny not any other animal?

The Easter bunny is another animal. It is a bird that wanted to be a rabbit and had its wish fulfilled. That is why the Easter bunny lay eggs.ORThe tradition of the Easter bunny and easter eggs is pagan in nature and refers to fertility, the theme for the Vernal (spring) Equinox. Since rabbits are prolific procreators (they have lots of baby bunnies), they are symbolic of fertility. The rabbit was the sacred animal of Eastre, the goddess of the dawn and the spring.

When does the Easter bunny come on Animal Crossing ds?

Unfortunately, the Easter bunny was left out of Animal Crossing Wild World, sorry if you're waiting but sadly, he doesn't come!

Which animal is associated with Easter egg hunts?

The Easter Bunny and 3 pretty yellow Canaries!

What animal usually delivers the Easter Eggs?

The Easter bunny ususally, unless you are from a foreign country

What day is bunny day on Animal Crossing Wii?

Bunny day is the same day as Easter on Animal Crossing, April 4th.

How do you see the Easter bunny on Animal Crossing City Folk?

On Easter day he will be in front of town hall.

Does the Easter bunny exist in Germany?

The Easter Bunny doesn't exist. Its your parents.

Is the Easter bunny a human?

Easter BunnyNo, the Easter bunny is a rabbit, not a human.

Were does the Easter bunny live?

the Easter bunny lives on Easter island

When is the Easter bunny supposed to come?

The Easter bunny comes on Easter morning.

Is the Easter bunny real-?

No, the Easter Bunny is not real. It is a fictional character for children.

Why is there an Easter bunny and not an Easter chicken?

The rabbit is know for being an animal that reproduces quickly. So the rabbit in Easter is supposed to represent life.

What continent does the Easter bunny live in?

Supposedly, the Easter bunny lives on the 'Easter' Islands.

What is the history of the Easter bunny?

in the olden days the Easter bunny did not give people Easter eggs

When you are awake does the Easter Bunny come?

No, the Easter Bunny will only leave Easter eggs when you are asleep.

Does norad track Easter bunny?

That would be a no ---- Easter Bunny does not fly!

What do Australians call the Easter Bunny?

we still call it the easter bunny.

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