Statue of Liberty

Why is the Statue of Liberty so important to the US?


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It's a symbol like the flag.


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For US citizens, it is symbolic of our freedom - freedom that we fought for and continue to fight for. # # why is the statue of liberty important

The statue of liberty was given to use from the French. It is used to represent our freedom that we earn every day.

The Statue of Liberty is this tall so that people can see it from afar. It was also built this large because it was important.

Thestatueof liberty is so important because it symbolizes the fact that wereceivedfreedom from theBritish, the french gave it to us and we put it in NewYorkcity and that's where it stands today.

the statue of liberty is a statue and liberty means freedom so you could call it statue of freedom. it represents the USA freedom and that why it call the statue of liberty.

Liberty Island is where the Statue of Liberty stands in NY harbor.So the country is the US.

what is the statue of liberty that do symbolize. like i want the answer of what the symbolixe is for the statue of liberty so can you please give me what is the anwer it for the symbolize

I believe that the statue of liberty was a gift from France. so France is the answer.

It was right after the war so they thought since we won they thought they should name it The Statue of Liberty.

because of the ferry and statue of liberty. It also is important because when immigrants escaped where they were the came here after going to liberty island.

Yes, very much so. It is a symbol of, well, liberty. Also, it was a gift given to us by the French.

It's a very symbolic political figure that is in New York.

They think it's freaking uh-mazing. So beautiful.

To welcome new immigrants when they came in through Ellis Island.

because thats what they came to which was Elise Island. Which gave them their freedom.

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, just outside of New York City, New York, in the United States. So yes, the Statue of Liberty is in North America.

well the environmental factors that make the statue so important is the fact the featres of it such as the torch,windows and the table Liberta the roman goodess holds.

ThE statue of liberty came from the french so it could be just the european culture

Because when after we got done building it we Americans thought that we could do whatever we want so they called it liberty and that's why it is called the statue of liberty.

Hopefully that never happens, but if it did it would not be good. I suppose they'd get to the bottom of who did it, clean up, and even rebuild. The statue of Liberty is to important, so they most likely would rebuild. I have no idea.

It is the sign of America. It represents freedom and prosperity. It gives you hope.

because it took the men who built it a long time and because that remindes them that they are a free state

because the immigrants came from the east to New York, so the statue of liberty was facing towards the newcomers.

When the French offered the Statue to the U.S., a place was needed so it could be displayed prominently. Bedloe's Island in NY Harbor was available and the Statue was placed there.The island was renamed Liberty Island after the statue had been that the immigrants can see it once they get out of the immigration staions

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